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Do hedges really offer good protection?

Yesterday I wrote about Christianese and as part of my research I came across the phrase ‘hedge of protection’ which I haven’t heard for years. It reminded me of a recent game of Call of Duty with my son (I really needed some protection that day!). 1,126 more words


I hate Christianese

When Jesus was on the earth he spoke in an ordinary language and he told stories that people could relate to. Some churches today do the opposite, speaking mainly in religious language (Christianese) that only Christians understand and not using stories or explanations. 667 more words


Psalm 29

Welcome Back! I hope that the short break gave you a chance to catch up on this study or to pray for us on our trip to Cyprus… 1,333 more words


The Way You Look At Me

I don’t want to come off as one of those “Jesus is my boyfriend” girls.

I don’t have a boyfriend bear, either.

I’m waiting… sometimes patiently… other times, not so patiently, for someone to love me one beat shy of a heart attack. 329 more words


Psalm 26


David is asking the Lord to vindicate him because of his integrity, and he recounts the ways in which he does right before God. He praises the house of God, the place His glory dwells, and asks God to redeem him and be gracious to him so that he can righteously bless the Lord. 1,217 more words


Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin? -- Christianese

You’ve heard it said that you are to “love the sinner but hate the sin.”  This common Christianese phrase has a basis in Biblical truth, and is recited by church people as though it was red-letter text.   307 more words


Romans 5

EDIT: I am sorry for the lateness of this post. Louis and I are doing Romans and so I had to wait until we could do the chapter together in addition to my normal study. 1,367 more words