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Are you speaking Christianese to non-Christians? Here are ten translations to use instead

I found this article by J. Warner Wallace in Pastor Matt’s “Three Things You Need to Read This Week” round-up.

First, the list of Christianese: (not his term) 533 more words



I’m super excited for the upcoming weekend. It’s Easter! Yay! But even though I love celebrating Jesus overcoming the grave every year, this year I’m especially excited. 830 more words



For a girl who has had 8 surgeries in the past 9 years, I’ve accumulated a few scars.

I’m not  one of those people who are like “scars are beautiful and are the marks of survivors” blah… 481 more words


What language do you speak?

I must still be classified as a “dummy” because even though I have tried to learn the language I just don’t speak no “Christianese.” It is just not a language I am even interested in learning. 191 more words


I would rather speak pig latin than Christianese...

Christianese..I have never liked it and do not speak it. What is Christianese you may ask?? Well, it is a language spoken by many Christians, that is completely over the head of non-Christians,  but it makes them feel and seem spiritual in front of others. 555 more words

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Vulnerability vs. Openness

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” (Inigo Montoya, ftw!)

Vulnerability. Openness. Intimacy. Buzz buzz buzz. I fear these words are becoming empty and meaningless.

1,090 more words

I Am.

Today, as I was driving to caregroup, I was talking to myself… like I always do when I drive. (what? it’s just thinking aloud, right?) 561 more words