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Psalm 26


David is asking the Lord to vindicate him because of his integrity, and he recounts the ways in which he does right before God. He praises the house of God, the place His glory dwells, and asks God to redeem him and be gracious to him so that he can righteously bless the Lord. 1,217 more words


Romans 5

EDIT: I am sorry for the lateness of this post. Louis and I are doing Romans and so I had to wait until we could do the chapter together in addition to my normal study. 1,367 more words


Guess what Changed!?

I was thinking about how I have changed since being here. But how did I change? I feel it in my heart, so full of joy and freedom. 276 more words

2 Timothy 2

Sometimes in life a season will come that will just feel incredibly tough.

Everyone reading this will be able to identify with that. 1,508 more words


Psalm 7: Do we continue to praise God in the worst situations?


    Yesterday I shared that I usually use the word “Psalmist” in place of David because my focus is on the red thread binding Jesus through all of Scripture, and that my Bible currently in use does not contain notes on the history. 1,587 more words


The Foreign Language of "Christianese"

So, this morning I was talking to a guy in the cafe our YWAM centre runs about what I do as a volunteer. It wasn’t until about 15 minutes into the conversation that he stopped me and said, “what does ‘condemnation’ mean? 437 more words

My Thoughts

Psalm 3


When others slander and stir up doubt in your mind, rely on God. He is in charge of salvation. No one else can tell you whether or not you have salvation, but God, He is the only one who can assure you of your salvation. 1,143 more words