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I only have a few minutes to type this up, so I will try to be as concise yet detailed as possible.

I have been offered to be on the Core team to run this Open Mic night every Wednesday.   299 more words


Is Halloween moot?

A simple look around our town’s stores seasonal products indicates that it is that time of the year again: ghosts, ghouls, witches, skeletons, assorted candy containers and candy are filling the shelves. 1,573 more words

A TALE OF TWO YARNS ... A Devotional

Knit one, purl one, knit one, purl one …

Woops! Dropped one, oh dear! And there goes another … help!

I would like you to sit with me awhile and watch this knitted garment become a reality … wearable, functional … whole. 482 more words


On Fire

I am currently living in the Skin Cancer capital of the world .ie Townsville, Australia. In fact in less than a week I have already managed to obtain wicked sunburn on my neck and shoulders, and to add to that I have somehow acquired a weird orange blop on my wrist. 656 more words

Is A Sinless Life Possible?

Reposted from Chris Martin Writes

My quick, simple answer to this question is, yes. I believe it’s entirely possible.

But Chris, we’re only human. Well, we are, but that can’t be an excuse. 721 more words


Christian Clichés

As turning trends slowly intrude into our daily lives, they also tend to leak into Christianity. Instead of taking the time to study and meditate on scripture in the context it’s written, our instant gratification mindset rewords it in such a way that is meaningful to us. 608 more words