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Why I Drink as Much as I Want

American Christians’ attitudes toward drinking are changing. You can see it at schools such as Wheaton and Moody, where bans against alcohol consumption by faculty have been recently lifted. 1,303 more words

Christianity And Culture

Recommended Reading: August 23-29

If you only read one article this week, check out R. R. Reno’s thoughts on Ferguson, Missouri. I know you’ve probably read lots about Ferguson in the past few weeks, but the overall trajectory of this article is worth your contemplation. 234 more words


Coram Deo ~ 8.27.2014


Book Reviews

  • What Works: Common Sense for a Stronger America by Cal Thomas
  • Recovering Redemption: A Gospel-Saturated Perspective on How to…
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Recommended Reading: August 16-22

If you only read one article from this week, look at Jonathan Storment’s Every Now and Then, A Disciple Break Out, about the faith and actions of Dr. 556 more words


A Portent That Is Also Prophecy?

I don’t endorse all of his politics, but the world today gives Edwin Markham’s classic poem, Man With a Hoe, an eerily prescient ring. He wrote it after seeing the renowned painting by Millet. 386 more words

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And the Three Shall Become One Flesh? Men’s Sexual Fantasies and Christ’s Saving Reality

When the mind is at play, especially when there are no teachers, no rules, no fences in the mental playground, when the brain is free to do whatever tickles its fancy, we wander into that realm called fantasy. 1,209 more words

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