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Prayer and the Indwelling Christ

Your gaze have made it very easy,
Praying, that is.
Yet, for such as me,
It’s still very hard,
Not seeing You across the table.

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All Things Catholic

Norms of society

Westerners who live among Middle Easterners behold very clearly the faults of male-oriented societies.

In seeking to share the gospel with Arabs and other Middle Easterners, the norms of their society about male/female relationships must be accepted as the starting point, at least, for communication.   200 more words

Women and the real Islam

There are those who claim that the faith as it should be lived does confer rights and dignity upon women.

This is not to suggest that the ‘roles’ of Arab men and women are by any means uniform and static.   54 more words

Understanding those very different from ourselves

That there are two kinds of different cultures is no licence for condemning one and assuming that the other is beyond reproach.

Some aspects of Muslim cultures derive specifically from their Islamic inheritance.   300 more words

Mismatch between messenger and recipient

One recurring, critical issue in the sharing of the gospel by God’s friends revolves around the matching or mismatching of messenger and recipient.  The history of Christian missions is full of such sadness – evangelist unwittingly nullifying the evangel they are announcing. 71 more words

Getting our attention

Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.  Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Whatever Jesus traced in the dust beneath the angry gaze of religious bigots high on adrenaline, it helped Him sort out His response to the problem of a woman taken in adultery.  

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