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The Ugly Earth-King

Throughout Jewish history there were prophecies made about a coming Messiah. The Jews in the First Century new these prophecies well, for they foretold of a king that would come into the world and make all things well. 703 more words

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Divinely defined space

The biblical story of man unfolds in a garden in the East, in Eden.  At the centre of the garden, near the tree of life, stand the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, of which the fruit is out-of-bounds. 1,102 more words

Hebrews 12:2~Jesus. May you allow Him to be the Author and Finisher of your faith so that He can write His victory into your life!

All you ever need is Jesus, but to truly see this you have to choose Jesus over what you want to do, over what your friends or relatives want you to do, and more importantly over your sins. 213 more words

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Dreams of His Holiness

This past week God awakened me to this reality through a dream, a dream where I found God speaking in a voice like nothing I had heard before that left me trembling in the wake of His holiness. 635 more words


May every little aspect of your life serve to draw you into a deeper relationship with Jesus!

Every little thing in your life can be used to draw you into a deeper relationship with Jesus by thinking on Him first, “seeing” Him first, consulting with Him first, speaking to Him first, rejoicing with Him first, crying to Him first, relying on Him first. 137 more words

A Deeper Fellowship

Prayer and the Indwelling Christ

Your gaze have made it very easy,
praying that is.
Yet, for such as me,
it’s still very hard,
not seeing You across the table.

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Study Your Spanish, Kids

Today in the ESL class I was teaching, I immediately regretted not studying Spanish more fervently in high school.

The classes weren’t hard. It was so easy to do nothing and still get an A, at least for me. 386 more words