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Accumulate honour and avoid shame

A major goal in many Middle Easterners’ lives is to accumulate honour and avoid its erosion by shame.  A single shame experience threatens to expose and damage the self. 619 more words

Loyalty to family and kin is fundamental

Honour (sharaf) refers to uprightness of character, integrity, glory even.  It is joked that ‘he who has no family has no backbone’.

Piety brings honour.   153 more words

Freedom for a Muslim is community

For most Muslims, to be truly free as an individual normally means to belong to community.  As Muslims come to follow Jesus, ‘family’ concerns will be paramount.   129 more words

Families break down

In every society, humans being what they are, families and family structures break down – Muslim cultures are no exception.  Some are simply overwhelmed by the superficial consumerism, moral laxity and heady individualism that so often arrives on the back of imported, Western technological expertise and the tourist industry. 148 more words

OT culture and Muslims today

Old Testament times parallel today’s Muslim cultures.  Vertical relationships predominated then, so that decisions made by the head of a family held for the whole of a family. 215 more words