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Getting our attention

Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.  Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Whatever Jesus traced in the dust beneath the angry gaze of religious bigots high on adrenaline, it helped Him sort out His response to the problem of a woman taken in adultery.  

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Reaching out in friendship: Be a-religious

In other words, don’t be religious.  Several things come to mind when I think of not being religious –

Don’t be defensive.  In Andy Stanley’s most recent sermon (of that 8-part series), Stanley turned the issue on its head saying Christians have a “branding problem” (because people call Christians homophobic), putting down theology and saying: “Jesus’ movement was all about ‘how you love,’ but overtime it became ‘what you believe,’ he said. 327 more words

Reaching out in friendship: Have fun

Have a good time.

Sometimes we might wonder if we have replaced being a vibrant witness of Jesus with cheap, lifeless imitations.  We might be tempted to hang pretty paintings with verses on them hung in strategic locations around the house so everyone will “know.” 99 more words

Setting Boundaries & Taking Responsibility For Our Choices

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Hi, glad you stop by. Today, I want to share with you something that is so vivid and random throughout the Bible. Yet, many fail to take ownership of their role in it’s dwelling. 868 more words


Muslim - truly submitted to God

There is a growing number of Muslims around the world who maintain their cultural identity as “Muslim” but choose to align themselves with the spiritual and moral teachings of Jesus, becoming His disciples while becoming what “Muslim” truly means – submitted to God. 673 more words

Salafi Muslim sect

The Salafis are out of the same theological Islamic mold as the Taliban of Afghanistan.  They are first cousins to al-Qaeda and the Taliban from the Wahhabi tradition in Saudi Arabia. 160 more words

Retaliation to Reconciliation

I rarely post anything in my tweets about Islam – just not enough space to justify any comments.  One day I did and still today I have this person arguing with me that it is impossible to reach out to Islam and show them love – you can only do that to a Muslim.   273 more words