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Is it safe to go to Muslim countries?

Not only do people wonder if Islam is safe enough to reach out to, but they struggle to have the compassion of Christ to do so. 98 more words

All I know about Islam is what I see on CNN

And all that Muslims know about Christianity comes from the BBC.

Still remember my conversation with a staff person – kill and wipe out the Boko Haram.   94 more words


Prayer is a key factor in relating to our Muslim friends in a spiritual fashion.  While we don’t want to make a public display out of our faith by praying or fasting just to be seen, we can let our Muslim friends know that we do pray by praying with and for them — out loud, while together. 37 more words

Fighting Fire with Fire?

Time and again I find myself confused by the strategy of many to relieve injustice and oppression. Let me say at this point that I am for Justice and a robust understanding of the sanctity and dignity of humanity. 682 more words


Top five questions your Muslim friend will ask you

The point is not to provide so-called talking points for theological rebuttal, but rather to give more insight into questions you will often encounter with Muslims who are eager to talk about God, Jesus and the holy books. 734 more words

Women in Islam

For the most part, the woman’s place is the home.  The Taliban, in particular, when it controlled Afghanistan, forced women out of their jobs, out of their schools, and back into their homes, which they could not leave without a male relative.   149 more words


In the Islamic personification of God, he is vast and unknowable.  His wrath – not his love – is emphasized, although he is in the Qur’an and is attributed with mercy and forgiveness. 158 more words