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J. C. Ryle:

I would offer counsel, first, to all who are anxious and troubled respecting their soul’s salvation, and yet know not what to do.

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War of the terrible twos...


I have three kids: nineteen, seventeen and two. I also have a dog, age eight, so technically I have four kids. Of the four, my two year old is by far the biggest handful. 633 more words


Hezekiah Reigns as King - 2 Chronicles 29-30

After the death of Ahaz, his son Hezekiah began his reign at the age of 25. Here was a breath of fresh air as far as kings go in the southern kingdom. 298 more words


Homily on Religion and Politics

One of rules of the modern Catholic Church is that their priests and bishops should not be actively involved in government. So even if they asked me, I cannot stand for election to Parliament! 1,076 more words


They Think They Know Why I'm Not A Christian

I found this today: 10 Reasons Why Friends and Family Struggle to Believe the Gospel.  There isn’t anything unique about this list in regards to it’s author.  729 more words


Programmed Culture.....The State of The African American Woman

This will be a minuscule write up. More of a question, looking for answers and maybe even, a conversation between readers. I love my African American culture but I must express complete disappointment for our race. 713 more words