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Daily Devotional: Strength


“Let go?  I must hold on!”

“Submit to God? I must stay in control!”

“Forgive?  I need to get even!”

“Give?  I should be the person on the receiving end!” 95 more words

every tongue confess

Saturday afternoon, in bed fighting a cold.

I’m replaying King Creosote “in the bleak mid-winter” as I replay yesterday’s Rad Mac show.

Share the experience by hitting the play icon and moving the playback cursor to 1hr 20. 12 more words



As the entitlement generation continues to linger, I’m beginning to see the stand-out trait for those coming up in the wings. I’m calling them know-it-alls. They have Google and they aren’t afraid to use it. 247 more words


Is Religion the Fall of Itself?

I sensed it as a new mother.  The religion I left behind before I ever claimed it demanded arrogance.  “The only true religion,” was a phrase I heard in the cradle. 1,381 more words


The Insignificant Made Significant

If you Google “insignificant AND grand AND canyon”, you come up with 384,000 results.  No one says that the Grand Canyon is insignificant, but almost everyone says they feel insignificant at the Grand Canyon.   431 more words

The Biblical Counseling Movement: The Tangled Web

This is my series on Biblical Counseling. Click here for Part 1 and Part 2.

In my last post, I highlighted the origins of the Biblical Counseling Movement. 1,631 more words


Christmas story 2

An art student living in Preston has raised over £21,000 for a homeless man, after she says he offered her his last £3 so that she could get a taxi home safely.

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