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Embrace Your Day

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Embrace your day, of Jehovah Sabaoth’s Strong Deliverance, a day of Power, Conquest, Fulfillment, and Apostolic acceleration! Jehovah is moving speedily on your behalf and avenging you of your adversaries! 59 more words


Intrigued/Newbie ...Seeds

They say the best way to get over somebody is to get under a new one…wait a minute…I may be entirely wrong about that number but I have used this method before…especially after a somewhat tragic breakup and you don’t wanna have no parts of that individual anymore. 411 more words


Created for Light

I was really touched today and moved by a simple but meaningful gesture. Today was peculiar I’d say. I woke up to a friend of mine calling me at 7:30a.m. 1,299 more words


"Lord, teach us to pray"

“The one thing we most urgently need in Western Christendom is a deeper knowledge of God.  We need to know God better.  When it comes to knowing God, we are a culture of the spiritually stunted.   397 more words

New Life - Romans 6

When you are baptized, you leave your old life behind.

6:1-3 Our past is behind us, and we start a new life.

6:3-5 That’s why Jesus died on the cross – so we could experience a new life. 135 more words


curiosity kills

Facebook has a way of triggering one plane of thought to another, from profile search to profile search and, unfortunately, lead me to looking up an ex boyfriend. 669 more words