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What does the Bible say about Lust?

Biblically speaking, lust is NOT merely being sexually attracted to or turned on by looking at someone of the opposite sex. Men today have been ridiculed for their nature and saddled with a great burden that comes from feminism on one side, and on the other comes from the church. 99 more words

His Needs

Good, Good Friday

He suffered and died on the cross, so that we would be free from death.

The alter was stripped of all it’s adornments last night at the church service.  121 more words

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Why atheists are so unhappy...

I’m not going to start this out by talking about all the ways Americans seek happiness through material possessions, extramarital affairs, and plastic surgery. Or how reality shows are filled with the underbelly of life with the Kardashians and how that is supposed to be entertaining. 226 more words

Killings of Muslims by Christians in Central African Republic

Killings of Muslims by Christians in Central African Republic

n a latest twist in the horrific violence unfolding in the Central African Republic, some 1,400 Muslims are living under siege and in dire conditions in the town of Boda. 173 more words

Bitter Truth

Good Friday: What About It?

Good Friday is a very significant day for many people especially Christians. It is however celebrated differently across some religions and cultures. Some celebrate by not eating meat. 485 more words

Rejoice! East Meets West for a Joint Celebration of Christ's Resurrection

Both Western and Eastern Catholics (who operate on separate calendars) will celebrate Jesus’ resurrection on April 20th this year. The alignment of the two holidays only happens once every few years, which has some worshipers calling for a consensus on the day to foster Christian unity. 18 more words

He carried the weight...

Jesus died for the sins of the world, for all of us, so we wouldn’t have to bear the weight of our sins and face God’s wrath. Praise Jesus!