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God is Good!

Happy Holidays!

December 21, the day everything changed!

This past week started out frustrating, painful, and exhausting, so I guess you could say its been a pretty normal week for me. 244 more words


What about heaven?

Consider this part II of Problems with a literal Adam and Eve, which I posted shortly before Thanksgiving. In it, I detailed the scientific problems that come with a lot of biblical claims surrounding the creation of man. 980 more words

Advent Devotion: Welcomed Rejects

This past weekend we had the chance to watch our kids perform in our church’s Christmas pageant.  It was fun to watch the children dress up in their Christmas best with other kids dressed as angels, wisemen, and shepherds.   1,024 more words

Personal Reflections

Christian Faith

You know it’s hard living in the world we live in. It really is. So much violence, it’s become an everyday thing to people. So much violence that people are use to hearing it on the news. 181 more words

What is Love When You are Depressed?

What is love? Love is someone who will hear you when you are cranky, sad, confused, and suicidal. Love is the person to drags your sorry ass into the car and to the psych ward and doesn’t care if you hate their guts for doing it. 184 more words

Catholic Church Topics

Generating Juice

Last night was rough. I was all up and down after writing my last entry and had to take a walk outside to throw some rocks and cool my head. 1,263 more words


Controlled Spin

My doctor’s appointment went well. She feels I have IBS rather than Crohn’s. If I do not get better trying a few of her ideas, however, she’ll recommend a specialist to go see.   2,263 more words