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Generating Juice

Last night was rough. I was all up and down after writing my last entry and had to take a walk outside to throw some rocks and cool my head. 1,263 more words


Controlled Spin

My doctor’s appointment went well. She feels I have IBS rather than Crohn’s. If I do not get better trying a few of her ideas, however, she’ll recommend a specialist to go see.   2,263 more words


If I'm a little less militant now...

These little comics called ‘Coffee with Jesus’ pop up on Facebook sometimes and make me smile. Here’s one my Dad shared the other day:

It made me smile because it was one of my many ‘ 1,014 more words

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The Filipina Charm - Song of the Youth

Awit ng Kabataan (Song of the Youth) by Rivermaya

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God's Brain

I just finished reading a book called God’s Brain by Lionel Tiger and Michael McGuire. McGuire and Tiger are a neuroscientist and an anthropologist, respectively. The subject of the book is obviously religion, but the central question is this: why is religion so ubiquitous? 2,451 more words

Realize the Dream

Remember the story of Joseph?  God placed some dreams within him.  These weren’t just ordinary dreams.  The dreams that Joseph was having were dreams of destiny and promise.   274 more words


The Eight Deadly Sens – Part Deux

In the three months since I wrote the first half of my musical profiles on the Crossbench Senators (which were pretty obsolete even at the time) a lot of crazy shit has gone down in Canberra. 1,575 more words