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You, me and needs

There’s a spectrum, I’ve found, in how we involve ourselves in the lives of our loved ones.

As someone with a mild aversion to needing people, I find myself continually gauging the tug different people have on my heart and mind, and then bounce back, forth and in between the needing, coping, just getting on with things, shutting out, shutting down, wanting and resisting, giving in, and giving up. 561 more words


The Unbelievers

Two men that I admire greatly – not for their non-belief in a random deity – but their hard work, expertise & frankly under-appreciated strides forward in not only their scientific field, but in bringing the wonder of science back to the Zeitgeist. 728 more words

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Recently I reviewed the Unbelievers, and I must say that this inspiring me documentary shone brightly not only as an atheistic documentary but as a masterpiece. The Unbelievers will pave the way for atheist and humanist organizations and inform people of dangerous religious dogma.

Good Morning October 17

It’s interesting to watch one or two year old children with birthday or Christmas presents. Once the package is open they often set the toy aside and are more interested in playing with the paper wrapping or crawling inside the box the gift came in. 150 more words

Good Morning

How flawless are priests?

We all are human. We are allowed to make mistakes. Fallibility is inherent in ourĀ  existence. But what about the chosen one’s. Those who we call God’s men. 195 more words

To believe or not to believe

I don’t believe in God. My insouciant convictions have left me conspicuous to the masses. Sticking out like a sore thumb, throbbing and purple, the bandaging always wearing off and causing greater discomfort than serving a purpose of healing. 368 more words


if the god really exists...

People love to believe in a religion. There are many religions on this planet. A global 2012 poll reports that 59% of the world’s population is religious, and 36% are not religious. 123 more words


I'm lost but I don't know it.

Have you ever driven down the road thinking you were heading in the right direction only to discover you were not? It felt like the right direction but it was not. 780 more words

Bible Study