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Uptown Reunion

Remember the rock video from about 30 years ago in which the auto mechanic meets this gorgeous blonde supermodel? He and his buddies serenade her and attempt a few awkward dance moves, and somehow the supermodel ends up riding off with the mechanic on his Harley. 57 more words


Matt Taibbi's blistering new book is fabulous. The best ALS "Ice Bucket Challenge" you're going to see. And Billy Joel serenades Christie Brinkley (again).

**Just got home and am watching some of the disgusting and disturbing video of the Ferguson, Mo. police firing on peaceful protesters, arresting journalists (and tear-gassing them, above), and turning the town into a military state. 641 more words

Billy Joel Sang 'Uptown Girl' To Christie Brinkley After Spotting Her In A Crowd

Billy Joel is an inspiration to round, un-hip Jewish guys everywhere: if you become rich and famous enough, even YOU can get married to Christie Brinkley (it also helps if your last name is Gergich). 50 more words


VIDEO: Is Christie Brinkley Still Billy Joel's 'Uptown Girl?'

If you sang to your ex-wife, what would her reaction be?

I mentioned this on the air this morning and here’s the video to prove it! 75 more words


Billy Joel Serenades Christie Brinkley

During his show at Madison Square Garden, Billy Joel calls over a camera man, pointing to Christie Brinkley in the front row. The song ended with her beaming smile on the big screens. 23 more words


Blake: Christie Brinkley Still Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl"

Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley may have ended their marriage years ago, but she’ll always be his “Uptown Girl.”

Brinkley had a front-row seat at Joel’s concert at Madison Square Garden on Thursday, and Joel instructed a camera crew that was filming the show to capture Brinkley dancing along to the song that he wrote for her back when they were a couple in the ’80s. 79 more words