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'Atlanta Exes' recap: She's not heavy

Season 1 | Episode 6 | Aired Sept 15, 2014

OK, here we are, home again from paradise, and the Atlanta Exes have their minds set on family and relationships. 973 more words

Monyetta Shaw Wants The World To Forgive Ne-Yo: 'People Make Mistakes'

Now that Monyetta Shaw has shared her heartbreak with the world on Atlanta Exes, she’s hoping Ne-Yo‘s fans will forgive him for his bad behavior. 549 more words


'Atlanta Exes' recap: Sisterhood

Season 1 | Episode 5 | Aired Sept 8, 2014

Now that our Atlanta ladies  have been mediated and life coached and are feeling sufficiently healed, it’s time to take the drama on the road. 1,175 more words

Christina Johnson SPEAKS On 'Atlanta Exes' Drama: 'We Made a Pact'

So far, the ladies of Atlanta Exes have had their share of disagreements on the show, but that doesn’t mean their friendships are in trouble. 247 more words