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His Shirt? That's What You Paid Attention To?! (A Response to Chris Plante and Arielle Duhaime-Ross)

Unbelievable.  Un-fucking-believable.  You know, I’ve come to understand something about modern feminism.  It’s the new name for the Puritans.  These people are so prudish, so sexist, so utterly intolerant of anything that they don’t agree with, that they will go after ANYONE who they see as having done them wrong.  1,369 more words


The Cost Of #GamerGate

13 November 2014

President Arthur C. Brooks

American Enterprise Institute

1150 Seventeenth Street

Washington, DC 20036

Dear President Brooks:

I am very sorry I have to send you this communication today. 1,460 more words


#GamerGate Records Request Targeting - 1

10 November 2014

General Manager Antoinette Christovale, CPA

City Of Los Angeles Office Of Finance

Special Unit Desk

200 North Spring Street, Room 101

Los Angeles, CA 90012… 644 more words


#GamerGate: Dorito Man is Anti-GG?

I remember a while back, I did a post talking about all the stuff that came up after the stuff with Zoe Quinn first got the ball rolling.  710 more words


Was It A Bad Day Or Something Else??

6 November 2014

Chief Gary Jansen

Logan Utah Police Department

62 West 300 North

Logan, UT 84321

Dear Chief Jansen:

When someone visits the Logan Police Department’s website, they immediately read “Our Mission – To defend and protect the rights and safety of those who live, work, and visit in the City of Logan.” I suppose most people take that at face value. 559 more words


#GamerGate: The Factual Feminist Strikes Again!

I love this woman.  For real, I do.  I have loved her ever since my cousin sent me her video asking whether or not video games are sexist… 969 more words