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Why fear makes you a better leader

Recently, we’ve seen examples of women leaders facing tremendous challenges and developing even greater leadership skills as a result—think GM CEO Mary Barra, U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, IMF head Christine Lagarde, etc. 1,012 more words


Money and Markets: Central Banking's “Fatal Flaws” Dooming the Economy!

by Mike Larson

These guys just don’t get it … still!

That’s all I could think this week after reading a pair of stories. One focused on how European Central Bank head Mario Draghi is trying to… 402 more words


‘Geopolitical Market Panic’: An Example of the Many Sides of War

The semi-annual report of the International Monetary Fund on the world economy, released for the Oct. 11-12 weekend’s IMF/World Bank meetings in Washington, appeared to set off strong stock and bond market gyrations (more down than up) from the moment of IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde’s first speech about it Oct. 393 more words


Calculating the Grim Economic Costs of Ebola Outbreak | By ANDREW ROSS SORKIN | OCTOBER 13, 2014

The topic everyone on Wall Street is discussing urgently but quietly isn’t the volatile stock market.

It is Ebola.

While thousands of health care workers seek to control the deadly virus in West Africa, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other medical professionals seek to prevent its outbreak in the United States, financial analysts and others have been trying to estimate — or “model,” in Wall Street parlance — the potential effect on the global economy. 820 more words


The IMF at 70: Making the Right Choices—Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow | By Christine Lagarde Managing Director, International Monetary Fund The IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings Washington, D.C. | October 10, 2014

As prepared for delivery


Mr. Chairman, Governors, honored guests:

On behalf of the IMF, let me warmly welcome you to these Annual Meetings. And on the occasion of our 70th anniversary, let me wish you, and all of our 188 member countries, a very happy birthday! 2,604 more words

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Notes From Underground: Germany Will Be Tied to the Whipping Post at This Week's IMF/G20 Meetings

Remember the good old days when China suffered the wrath of the toothless tiger of International Organizations and their worthless photo ops and selfies? The Germans are the target of the policy makers struggling to combat global financial imbalances as the German current account surplus as percentage of GDP far exceeds that of China, making the Germans the target of the world’s slings and arrows for creating such outrageous fortunes. 432 more words


This Month: Global Reset, Currency Revaluation and US Treasury Notes (GCR, RV, TRN/USN)

For the uninitiated, there are big changes to the global financial system in the works. the IMF’s Christine LaGarde has been hinting at monetary reforms for quite some time. 385 more words

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