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So Many Posts/Meeting New People.

Sorry about throwing so many posts at you all at once, but I’m allergic to whitespace. It makes my brain itch. Seriously. I feel twitchy when my personal (virtual) space is empty. 297 more words


Sleeping Dragon

Curled up,

Deep within the earth,


Sleeping beneath the dirt,


Dreaming of times gone by,


The child of the sky.

❤ Christine Blu


Journal Entry 1: A Transcription of my Journal

Dear Currently Nameless,                                                                                                        8/25/2014

This diary was bought in conjunction with my attempt of The Writing Diet by Julia Cameron. The whole concept of journaling and diary writing is a bit difficult to wrap my brain around. 440 more words


The Ugly Cup

The Ugly Cup

(A Tale That Is Ugly From Start To Finish)

Day 1:

I knew the cup would be ugly as soon as the pattern didn’t work, and so I proclaimed it the Ugly Cup and moved on to the next one. 741 more words


The Proper Way To Read

Words dance before my eyes,

Ink spills from the page,

Black clouds form in skies,

A world far away,

A place so unreal,

A universe inside my head, 171 more words



The thing about Texas,

Even the people who love it,

Hate it at times,

The winters of ice,

No snow,

The summers of sun,

And sun, 55 more words