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Between Here and There

Here and there. Now and then. Before and after. Give and take. If dichotomy lives, it comes alive in the everyday opposites we come across in life. 264 more words

Man's Best Friend

WEEK 9: Conversation with Classmate – Christine Trinh

Christine is a friend of Melanie Colli who I met last week. Similar to Melanie, Christine also has a bubbly personality. Christine is a first year student who is majoring Accounting. 205 more words


chivalry from a non feminist point of view

According to some, chivalry is dead. What happened to it? Why does it not exist anymore? It has a different definition today, than many years ago. 298 more words


The Other Side of the Action: On Set with John Carpenter

Go back to the glory days of cooperation, collaboration and camaraderie of the early films of John Carpenter from “Halloween” to “Christine”.  Images on the sets of “The Fog” and Escape from New York” too. 22 more words


(22) Guided Tour

The foyer was actually part of the living-room, the social meeting-point for the tenants. The walls were painted in light apricot. The right part was dominated by a big couch and two armchairs, all of them in brown leather optic, around an oblong red wood coffee table. 377 more words



Christine: How would you define Justice?

God: Justice comes in many ways.It can be through a court of law, where all the evidence is presented by both sides and a judge decides on the right and wrong of a situation or justice can come to a person through endeavour, when ‘just’ rewards come to them. 173 more words