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Family Christmas traditions - the good and the bad

Being part of a family is both fantastic and difficult. Not because it is hard to become part of a family, you can often be included in the outer throng of several families whether you like it or not, but because the idiosyncrasies and traditions that make a family the organism that it is, are both difficult to endure and fantastic to experience. 311 more words


Turbo Rides Again

A knock on the door at 9pm on Xmas Eve heralded the arrival of Turbo, one of our next-door neighbours. My Dad answered the door as mum and I were busy wrapping up the last of the Xmas presents before we got ready to go to Midnight Mass at our local Parish Church and Turbo explained that it was his work’s Xmas night out and he’d forgotten to book a taxi so could I give him a lift? 674 more words


Metadata for Christmas

Metadata for Christmas:
A reflection on What is Metadata? A Christmas Themed Exploration

This Christmas, my husband bought me a DSLR camera along with a photo editing program. 304 more words


German Lebkuchen Cookie

One month ago today was Christmas Day and it just so happens that we have just polished off the last of the Christmas cookies this morning. 443 more words


10 Reasons Why I Love Christmas.

Are you an OCD (and by OCD i meant Obsessive Christmas Disorder) person like me? If you agree, read along and if you disagree, well read along too! 927 more words