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We Dodged Another Bullet

I haven’t written anything for a while, in part due to my usual laziness when it comes to writing, but there’s another reason as well. I was kind of angry with my Dad for a couple of months after Christmas and having a hard time appreciating his charm and humor. 489 more words

EXO - Christmas Day (圣诞节) (Chinese Version)

Bei xin zhong de qi dai jiao xing de na zao chen
Gan jue hao xiang chai kai li wu shi na me xing fen… 373 more words


EXO - Christmas Day (Korean Version)

Seolleme bupureo nuneul tteuneun achim
Seonmurui ribonkkeuneul pureoboneun neukkim
Neoreul araganeun narimyeon nalmada

Georireul jangsikhan banjjakineun bulbit
Geu junge danyeon ne nune tteuneun byeolbit
Nae pum ane nokeul deusi neoneun angyeowa… 193 more words


Celebrating Without Disrespecting

Our year is full of celebrations and festivities in honor of us! There are hundreds of different holidays that celebrate hundreds of different cultures that we have all over the world. 241 more words


10 Part Portfolio- Mini Feature

The next part of the 10 part portfolio I am proud to present is the Mini Feature. The brief for this part asked us to capture 3-5 images and use them to tell a story. 163 more words


Boston police make arrest in Christmas Day slaying

Ian Holness accused in death of Rashaan O’Neil

Jim Lokay/WCVB-TV

BOSTON — Police have arrested a suspect in the Christmas Day shooting death of a Boston man. 95 more words


Christmas in China

Christmas Day in Beijing rolled up rather out of the blue, or should I say out of the grey. It was an off-white Christmas, if you count particularly low visibility dictated by some vicious PM 2.5s of the scrooge ilk, as a romantic kind of white. 535 more words