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Ambrosia Holiday Dessert Recipe

From Everyday Foods home ec. cookbook. This one apparently dates from the days of the over-flowing drip pan under the icebox and of children who only saw oranges at Christmas time. 129 more words


A big white box

Dallas came home with a mysterious big white box. She muttered something about Christmas. Surely its a bit early for presents?

She put it down on the grass, and we went to investigate. 174 more words

Border Collie

Chocolate Caramel Cheesecake

We had guests over few drinks last evening and the main topic of the conversation was my husband’s Harley Davidson collection. The same Vroomvroom talk went on and on until it was time for dessert… and all of a sudden the Vroom tone changed to Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm.; My super hero Chocolate Caramel Cheesecake was served and made its way triumphantly to everybody’s thinking to change the subject from biking to baking. 216 more words

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Autumn Planting Seed Potatoes

Plant them now and have your own potatoes on your Christmas dinner!


These tubers produce a long oval salad potato. with yellow skin with a yellow waxy flesh. 108 more words

Christmas Dinner

Just had Christmas dinner

Friday lunch out with the team found us in a cool bar near the office with about 7 of us and I asked one of the girls what I should have and she suggested Christmas lunch. 118 more words

Cheese Ravioli

I’ve eaten my fair share of food during my 22 years on this planet, but nothing quite compares to the cheese ravioli we would eat every Christmas Day. 190 more words