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Roast Turkey Recipe and Cranberry Sauce

From the Compendium of Cookery, 1890. Here is the cleverly named “Second Recipe” for roast turkey.


After drawing and cleansing the turkey, prepare a dressing of chopped sausage and bread crumbs, mixing in butter, pepper, salt and thyme to flavor. 338 more words


Vegetarian Christmas Menu Ideas That Even Carnivorous Customers Will Love

The traditional festive dinner menu is dominated with meat. From the ubiquitous turkey and ‘pigs in blankets’, to goose fat-soaked roast potatoes and suet-packed Christmas puddings, Christmas meals can be a minefield for vegetarian and vegan restaurant guests who are seldom offered an appetising alternative. 412 more words

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Last Minute Roast Turkey 

It’s the morning of Thanksgiving, and you still have not brined the turkey, but still want to roast a great bird. Not to worry. Here’s a great, fast, easy and DELICIOUS roast turkey recipe. 337 more words

Christmas Dinner

Reasons I Don't Want To Spend Christmas With My Boyfriend's Family

  1. Christmas is a big deal.
  2. I haven’t celebrated Christmas (not really) since I was eleven.
  3. They don’t do the traditional Christmas Ham or any of what I’m used to.
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Staying here over Christmas whilst the university is shut?

Why not join our hospitality Scheme?

Last year 15 of our international students visited local families for a meal, either on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day. 242 more words

Remarkable Yule Boar cakes and little roast pigs

I’ve never seen a Yule Boar or even a little roast pig in the USA. (Seen plenty of Easter ham, though!) That’s probably because Swedes, Danes and Estonians don’t write our articles and books on holiday foods. 480 more words

Christmas Dinner

Getting stuffed at Christmas

Stuffing is an essential accompaniment for any Christmas dinner and of course stuffing comes in a multitude of flavours.

The history of stuffing is somewhat sketchy but appears to been around since at least roman times as the earliest recorded is in the Roman cookbook, Apicius’ “De Re Coquinaria” which appears to contain recipes for stuffed chicken, hare, pig, and yes…dormouse – excuse me if I don’t! 115 more words