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Cool Gift Bags for Every Occasion

These frosted gift bags, available at www.PrintOnIt.com, are very durable and available in beautiful colors.  They are large enough to hold the equivalent of two bottles of wine.   139 more words

Sunflower Seeds Don't Have To Make A Mess!

Sunflower seeds taste great, but the leave such a mess everywhere.  I found a way to eliminate it whether in the car, at home, at the park or at a ball game.   155 more words

Crochet: Christmas In April?

I am sure you all know, or have assumed, I start making my Christmas gifts immediately after Christmas ends. These two blankets I am working on are going to take me the entire year to make. 394 more words


Christmas Flower Bouquet:A Great Gift Idea

Christmas is a gala time for festivity, a time when traditions are enjoyed with family and celebrations are allowed to take the center stage. Christmas gifts… 502 more words


Local Maui Book Publisher Launches First Worldwide Coordinated Virtual World and Book Series for Tweens to Launch Kickstarter Campaign

A revolutionary new type of book mixed with a virtual world that kids will love will be launching a kickstarter campaign to get the production of enough of the books ready for Christmas. 494 more words


On Plot Lines, Needlework, and the Unfortunate Deterioration of Eyesight

I am currently in the process of re-watching the entire “Downton Abbey” series for the fifth or sixth time. As the drama plays out, I sit silently upon the couch with a tiny needle gripped between my teeth. 462 more words


Christmas-A festival of love and alliance

The festival of Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ and conveys his message of love, patience and fraternity. It is a celebration of humanity and mankind. 375 more words

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