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Snapfon Cell Phone: A Cool Christmas Gift For Seniors

Gift Snapfon Senior-Friendly Cell Phones to Seniors in your family

As the Yuletide season approaches, it is becoming increasingly difficult to choose a cool Christmas gift to give to your loved one. 562 more words

When things don't turn out as planned

A long while ago, I promised my mom I’d make a quilt for her. Now, lots of people have asked me to make a quilt for them, and I try to stress to cost and time it takes to do that, and usually this gets me out of it (I promise I do love making quilts, and making quilts for specific people, but gosh golly it can be a huge time commitment and is surprisingly costly – like in the hundreds of dollars range), but mom is a special exception. 593 more words


Autumn Winter 2014/15

It may be summer, but some of us are well and truly in the Christmas mode, I’ve been busy showing my stockists the items for AW14/15. 327 more words


Golf Buddies

Golfing Buddies – The Never Surrender Spirit

“A good golf partner is one who’s always a little bit worse than you are.”

If the video below reminds you of your golf partner, you have to admit; at least they have the Never Surrender Spirit! 236 more words

Never Surrender

Birthday Gift Ideas

Explore ultimate birthday gift ideas with The Present Cup Board Australia, supplies clients from around Australia and overseas. There, you will find a list of their unique products that make the perfect gifts for that special person or occasion With its high quality and distinctive products.

Birthday Presents

A little bit of knitting here & there

I have several projects on my needles right now and I keep going back and forth between them. As a result, I don’t finish them very quickly. 176 more words

Oreo Vodka is RANK !

Sorry ladies and gents, but it Oreo vodka is truly disgusting. It smells like paint, looks like poop, and tastes like paint stripper!

We have been infusing vodkas, and soaking fruits ready to make fruit cakes which we intend to make incredibly boozy, and put in home made hampers for christmas gifts. 211 more words

Day To Day Life As A Wonky