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A Lil' Karen Carpenter Goes a Long Way

Merry Christmas, Darling….one of my girl-drummer idols, Ms. Karen Carpenter, wishes me EVERY Christmas, on pretty much every local Christmas hits station. MANY times over, she wishes me “Merry Christmas Darling…We’re apart that’s true…But I can dream,  and in my dreams…I’m Christmas-ing with you”.  2,187 more words


Christmas Music - Acoustic White Christmas - Sonnet Simmons

Excited to share a little holiday cheer with you all. Acoustic White Christmas, with Ali Noori on Guitar. On itunes for your holiday playlists.


Oh, the Nostalgia.

I was on my way home from a Business Trip and I was miserable.

Contrary to some people’s beliefs, business trips are not a riot of vodka blow-outs and fine dining. 730 more words


The Seasons Change, But the Lord of the Seasons Does Not

Seasons. I love living in a place where we get them all. (Altitude. That’s the ticket to ride if you want all four full on.) 574 more words

Music for all at SMSG Advent 2014 – part 5

SMSG Church band did some outreach activity on Friday 19th December when we played Christmas carols for shoppers at Kingston Shopping Centre for an hour (following the Orphean Singers) and helped raise money for Carers UK (the two groups raised £216.93 in 2 hours). 361 more words


Jonas Kaufmann sings O Holy Night

I know I just shared Jonas Kaufmann, but I heard this and I had to post it now. I’m not waiting a whole year to post it!

You’re welcome. :)

Beachers - Riga: Christmas Eve to Christmas Day 2014

Artist: Beachers
title: Riga: Christmas Eve to Christmas Day 2014
keywords: electronic, experimental, Christmas music, drone, field recording, noise, London

The main ingredient for this release might be a collection of field recordings made in Riga, Latvia recorded between midnight on Christmas Eve, and midnight on Christmas Day, but the real magic happened on Boxing Day when these recordings got edited and processed in a mind stimulating way. 268 more words