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Blueberry Pumpkin Poundcake--with Butternut Squash

One of my Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions is to make this fabulous, I-always-want-two-pieces-at-a-time Blueberry Pumpkin Poundcake. Well, this week three butternut squashes kept staring me in the face in my fridge, so I decided to make the cake for our small group Christmas party substituting butternut squash  66 more words


The Traditional Lines of Christmas: Celebrating Jesus

Lately I have been asked about our family’s Christmas traditions.  While I do feel like we definitely have many events going on during December, when it came to actual traditions, I was a bit stumped. 833 more words

Following God

December Daily --December 16th

Today started off with a bit of a flurry and panic as our dear Z woke up with a shiner (see above).  We didn’t really know what was up so there was some googling and phone calls to a friend who is a nurse and we decided that G would stay home with her (just in case it was an allergy related flare up)  Now we think when she hit  her head on her toy kitchen on Monday night the bruise needed some percolating time.  177 more words


Is Everyone Keeping it Together?

So how’s everyone holding up out there ya know just like 8 days away from Christmas?

I am happy to say the last of the Christmas presents arrived today which is good….because we are doing our Christmas in a mere 4 days on Saturday!!! 169 more words

Large Families

How we're "doing" Santa and Elf on the Shelf

I have made some compromises in the world of Christmas traditions to accommodate family members who are more festive than I am.  Santa seems to be such a controversial issue and it’s a little confusing to me why that is.  781 more words

Highlights of 2014

Today, Laura and I went out for our first works Christmas lunch. As we’re both now self-employed and working at home, neither of us had other colleagues to do this with, so a festive lunch together seemed like a nice tradition to start. 376 more words