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Somewhat Of A Letdown

Already in my journey, I have had the experience all travelers have of expectations meeting a sad reality; it’s like the turkey in National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation. 918 more words

"probably just been nosin' through the trash"

I’m choosing to believe that a team of collaborative raccoons did this.

Because I don’t want to think about the size, skill, and determination of any singular animal with the capacity to knock over our 60-gallon, 4-foot tall, heavy, full trash can, gnaw or tear into bags and containers, and scatter the residual detritus across our yard. 510 more words

Opinion: Holiday Names and Keeping Everyone Happy

Please don’t take my manners or holidays away by Felina Silver Robinson

Today I read an article and shared it on my blog “Marshfield Residents Want Christmas Vacation Back… 588 more words


Is it snowing already?

People, I know I’m extremely early with this, but I always have trouble with waiting to watch my favorite Christmas movies again. So, with December already waving his warm wool gloved hand in the distance, let’s go over the top 5 of must watch movies you need to see! 278 more words


Saying Good-by

Today I went to say good-by to old Spencer, my history teacher, he was sick so I knew I wasn’t going to see him again until Christmas vacation started and I wasn’t supposed to come back to Pencey because I was flunking four of my subjects and not trying at all. 95 more words

30 Day Movie Challenge - Day 5

Day 5: A movie that reminds you of home

I wasn’t quite sure what to pick for today.  In fact I’m still not quite sure what movie to pick.  101 more words


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