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Jewish and "Zionist" (Covenantal) claim on the Holy Land...

“My understanding is that our Lord will return to the earthly Mount Zion at his second coming. There he will reveal himself simultaneously as King of the Jews and Lord of the world in power. 392 more words


The Long History of Anti-Semitism...

“As the historian of Anti-Semitism looks back over the millennia of horrors he has recorded, an inescapable conclusion emerges: Anti-Semitism is the longest and deepest hatred of human history. 38 more words


Four Central Features of the Christian Life, Calvin.

“The Christian life is not merely a matter of outward conformity or intellectual understanding, but it must possess “the whole soul,” finding a place “in the inmost affection of the heart” (Inst. 312 more words


Rampant Anti-Semitism Is Flourishing across the World, (Jewish Press).


How can true Christians be Anti-Semitic?  Indeed they cannot!  Again this is not some “carte blanche” for all of National Israel, but surely the general support of Modern Israel as a Nation and people – Jewish!  19 more words