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In thanks for bacon

Now that The New Yorker has (temporarily) unlocked its archives, you can read this entertaining article, “Playoffs: Keeping the Sabbath and rooting for the Rangers… 54 more words


Paul’s Conscience in Acts: Here We Stand

The world bears down on the church and is never shy about hating Her confession. This is nothing new. When the world bore down on St. 1,168 more words


The Death Of Christ by James Denney

Today I am posting “The Death Of Christ”, an e-book by James Denney.

About the author: James Denney, D.D. (1856-1917) was a Scottish theologian and preacher. 130 more words


How Jesus Became God (At a Glance)

Ehrman, Bart D.

How Jesus became God: The Exaltation of a Jewish Preacher from Galilee

New York: HarperOne, 2014. Pp. ix + 404. Hardcover. $27.99. 1,716 more words

Book Reviews

The Early High Christology Club

I am a card-carrying member of The Early High Christology Club (EHCC).  Well, in the spirit of full disclosure we don’t actually have cards, we have a mug.  505 more words

A Non-Christian Walks Into A Bar...

No its not the beginning of a joke. Its the beginning of a typical interaction. You and your buddies are hanging out having a beer, and your non-Christian friend asks you about this whole “God thing” that you are into. 334 more words


200 Words: Denomination or Abomination?

This illuminating small post articulates the main differences that exist between evangelical Christianity and other sectarian Christian movements.

While this article touches on soteriology (the study of salvation), inspiration, and Christology (the Person and work of Christ), ecclesiology is also an area of difference, as most of these other religions profess their organized structure to be the one and only true church. 32 more words

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