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Why the Resurrection of Jesus is the Most Likely Event

In Bart Ehrman’s debate at (I assume) Southern Evangelical Seminary against some other person who (I assume) is arguing in the affirmative for (I assume) ‘Can historians prove Jesus rose from the dead?’ (I have to make assumptions, because the person posting this video conveniently edits out all but Erhman’s material – s0 much for fair and rational debate…), he uses the following logic (at around the 13:00 mark): 1,336 more words


A Christological Collage: Reflecting on the Two-Natures, One Person of Jesus for Easter

As we remember the great reality that God in Christ has accomplished for the world during this Easter moment, I thought it would be appropriate for us to stop and consider a rather technical but important Christological… 1,577 more words


The Empty Tomb: Six Statements on the Meaning of a Risen Christ

1. A risen Christ declares to the universe that Christ is the Son of God with power.

Romans 1:4 – Christ “was declared the Son of God with power by the resurrection from the dead… 1,494 more words


Who killed Jesus?

“A new poll finds that 26 percent of Americans believe the Jews killed Jesus. They’re historically ignorant, but they do read their Bible — that is who the New Testament blames, after all.” (Candida Moss, … 1,082 more words


A Good Question?

A thought occurred to me this evening as I was studying the Annunciation (that would be the Annunciation of the Incarnation). I don’t know if it is a good question. 308 more words


Where is your God now?

I heard an atheist at a local debate challenge the Christian apologist thus: “Where is your God when I see 14-year-old children dying of cancer?” And to be honest, I identified with his sentiment. 992 more words


Did the Father Abandon Christ on the Cross?

Of all of the seven last sayings of Christ on the cross, perhaps the most puzzling is the Cry of Dereliction. Recorded only in Matthew 27:46 and Mark 15:34, both in Aramaic and in Greek translation, this phrase was even somewhat confusing to its first hearers who pondered that he was calling Elijah. 1,276 more words