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Christology in Twelve Theses

Ben Myers calls them “grammatical rules.” They sound more like theses to me. Whatever they are, they succinctly describe the limits (i.e., the boundaries) of how Christians can speak properly about the mystery of the Incarnation.  437 more words


By One Man: Exploring Jesus as the Second Adam

This is legitimately just my paper that I wrote for my first class in seminary. However, I saw something recently that made me remember some content from this study and it made me think…hey, maybe someone, somewhere, could maybe, possibly benefit from my study, so hey we’ll see. 4,630 more words

Epistle Series

love, knowledge, idols — priorities!

Many years ago now I visited Becky in The Gambia, West Africa. She was there working as a nurse and nurse tutor, and I was there for a short vacation over the Christmas holidays. 2,342 more words

"We didn't evangelize anyone"

This video is incredibly gory, you have been warned

So I got sent here from looking for a different video all together, and I must say it’s about what I expected. 281 more words


The enduring problem of John's Gospel

EP Sanders (above), described by John B. Meier as America’s “most distinguished scholar” in the field of historical Jesus research, explains:

“It is impossible to think that Jesus spent his short ministry teaching in two such completely different ways, conveying such different contents, and there were simply two traditions, each going back to Jesus, one transmitting 50 per cent of what he said and another one the other 50 per cent, with almost no overlaps. 315 more words

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John McArthur On The Lordship Salvation Controversy

The person who brought the Lordship Salvation controversy to the fore-front of evangelical theology was John MacArthur with the publication of his book The Gospel According to Jesus… 339 more words

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Holy Mouley and the Christology of the Gospel of John

Any case for a ‘high’ Christology that depended on the authenticity of the alleged claims of Jesus about himself, especially in the Fourth Gospel , would indeed be precarious. 257 more words

New Testament Scholarship