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How Jesus Became God/How God Became Jesus – Part 2 (Did Jesus Think He Was God?)

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How Jesus Became God (Ehrman)
Ehrman begins Chapter 3 by introducing problems and methods in historical Jesus studies. 1,375 more words


Review of Bart Ehrman’s book ‘How Jesus Became God’ (part 10 - Johannine Prologue)

In today’s review of Ehrman’s new book on christology, I will examine his arguments regarding the Johannine Prologue (John 1:1-18). One of Ehrman’s primary theses is that the Synoptic Gospels have a low christology while the Fourth Gospel as, in his words, “an extremely high Christology.” One gets the sense that Ehrman is trying to push the Synoptics and the Fourth Gospel in mutually exclusive directions based on how it (key word) … 1,203 more words

Karl Barth

 would have gotten nothing but pictures of an empty tomb. Jesus was not there. He had walked out of the tomb early that morning.


"To Show the Christ"

“To Show the Christ”

I’ve worn the mantle Jesus bore
Upon His frame.
I’ve shod my feet with sandals torn
From distance traveled to a score… 332 more words


Divine Knowing and Matthew 24:36

One of the most difficult aspects of Christology is the concept of Christ’s mental faculties. While issues of will, memory, reasoning, and self-awareness are tricky in their own right, the issue of the knowledge which the theanthropic person of Christ possessed is particularly tricky. 815 more words


1 Corinthians 10:9 and the Question of Christ's Pre-existence

Among the texts from the Pauline corpus popularly used to show Paul’s (and early Christians’) belief in Jesus’ personal pre-existence, 1 Corinthians 10:9 is a favorite. 2,193 more words



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I. Introduction

Probably no controversy among so-called “Christians” has been waged so long, so bitterly, and so seemingly irresolvable as the controversy pertaining to the person, nature, and work of Christ. 534 more words

Church History I - What Is Considered Orthodox