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The Sleepwalkers; how Europe went to war in 1914 by Christopher Clark

This is a complex and highly detailed account of the events leading to the outbreak of the First World War. As we approach the centenary of this event, it is a timely book, and I hope that the popular accounts of the events of 1914 that we are going to see in the next twelve months base their analysis in a large part on this book. 687 more words

Four More for the New Year

I finally got around to writing up brief reviews on a few books – it only took me until 2015! Two below were mentioned in the prior post (sans review), and two are new. 955 more words


Quote of the Day

Computers are rapidly beginning to outperform humans in more or less every area of endeavor. For example, machine vision experts recently unveiled an algorithm that outperforms humans in face recognition.

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