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#GuestPost by Christopher Clark / Images by Samora Chapman  

There’s something about London in spring. The whole place feels like it just emerged from the throes of a civil war. 1,279 more words


Die Vorhersage Wilhelms II.

Christopher Clark über Wilhelm II. in einem Interview mit dem Schweizer Tagesanzeiger:

Wilhelm II. hatte eine scharfe Intelligenz. Wenn er über die Weltläufe abstrakt räsonierte, konnte er zu sehr klugen Einsichten kommen.

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Deutsches Reich

The Centennial: July 5, 1914

See, in a world where only half of PhD students complete their degrees, and only half of those become full-time professors – meaning that at maximum, only a quarter of his doctoral cohort would “make it” - not to mention the likely disadvantages for an American tackling the powder keg of pre-1914 Europe instead of the bands of brothers on D-Day, or the clear disadvantages for anyone seeking a new seam of a strip-mined historical mountain – a hapless, baby-faced first-year needed any advantage he could get. 481 more words


Sleepwalkers in Europe? - Question of Guilt 1914

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand (see my last publication) is considered the spark that lit a relatively peaceful Europe in 1914. The ultimatum, which Austria-Hungary issued to Serbia  as a consequence of the murder triggered a declaration of war between the said two powers and instantly involved their alliance partners. 646 more words