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Computers are rapidly beginning to outperform humans in more or less every area of endeavor. For example, machine vision experts recently unveiled an algorithm that outperforms humans in face recognition.

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What is happening when a Constructor uses 1 argument, but base keyword uses 2 arguments

I have this bit of code and it will demonstrate a Liskov substitution, but I’m confused what the base keyword is doing with 2 arguments. Can someone explain? 116 more words

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Remembrance Day for 2014 was through the week. As is common, we stop to reflect on wars and soldiers past, the loss and sacrifice that was made, the life we have today.  865 more words


Books in brief: Bear, Clark, Scalzi, Lee, Dalrymple, Rediker

Elizabeth Bear, Karen Memory. Tor, 2015. ARC courtesy of the publisher.

This book. This book. I don’t even know how to talk about it. I need to read it again and again. 413 more words


Christopher: Fifth Third Bank Middle Market Relationship Manager

Christopher, Middle Market Relationship Manager, for Fifth Third Bank talks about working in the financial and accounting industries. 

1. What are some things students should know about the financial/accounting industry? 115 more words

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