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There is always a top 10, top 50 or top 100 etc. But I am listing what I consider to be the most influential running books that I have read.   97 more words

Running with the Kenyans

Although a bit less epic in scope, Running with the Kenyans is pleasantly reminiscent of ¬†Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run, and is highly recommended to fans of the latter. ¬† 103 more words

Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

This is a cult book. It was a huge bestseller and it is easy to see why. It’s a book about running, but it is also a book about endurance and pushing yourself to see where your limits are, really. 310 more words


You've got time...to run.

I love that in the second-to-last episode of “Orange is the New Black”
Alex is siting on her bunk reading Christopher McDougall’s manifesto about barefoot running, “Born To Run.”

Andy Hayes


After reading Born to Run by Christopher McDougall I am as excited for this running blog as I’ve been for anything. I have several goals I intend to accomplish during the span of this blog. 176 more words

Don't Fight It

I have nothing against boxing. It takes great skill and incredible mental toughness. Still, I have come to a point in life where hitting someone in the face makes little sense. 317 more words

Barefoot Zen

The other day a student of mine mentioned to another student that I have “the ugliest feet ever.” I agreed, simply because I’m ugly. I just assumed my feet would be, too. 325 more words