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Following 1998

It’s nice to see Christopher Nolan addressing a smaller, more intimate subject that his subsequent Hollywood career seems to allow; his low-budget British film from 1998 displays the writer/director’s nascent talent to some effect. 103 more words

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Transcendence -or- What Movie Did Everyone Else Watch?

LOTS of spoilers ahead.

So Transcendence is out. It’s the latest movie from Christopher Nolan…’s cinematographer, Wally Pfister. Nolan worked on the movie, too (as executive producer), and it’s pretty easy to see his hand in the film. 1,661 more words

The Space Wizard Goes To The Movies

"Transcendence" Condensed


We open on Post-Apocalyptic Scenario #5 from the Terrible Screenwriter’s Shorthand Handbook. Bored-looking soldiers monitor the calmest group of post-apocalyptic survivors in existence, who barter for all goods because fuck currency if there’s no more Bitcoin, right? 1,430 more words


Review: Transcendence

Future technology; will it set us free or enslave us? That is the question that Wally Pfister’s directorial debut asks us. It is a path so well-trodden within the sci-fi genre it really takes something to stand out when this is the theme, and I’m not talking about the $100 million plus budget. 528 more words


Christopher Nolan Protégé Tackles Artificial Intelligence


What if the next phase of evolution doesn’t come from mutation, but from technology?

Will and Evelyn Caster (Johnny Depp and Rebecca Hall, respectively) are at the forefront of artificial intelligence research. 423 more words

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The test of tone

Tone, as I’ve mentioned before, can be a tricky thing. On the subject of plot, David Mamet writes: “Turn the thing around in the last two minutes, and you can live quite nicely. 900 more words


Transcendence (2014/US)

Transcendence ini memang film yang judulnya terdengar sangat cutting-edge, mungkin anak-anak hipster menyangka Transcendence adalah band post-rock baru yang sedang naik daun, tapi mereka salah, karena Transcendence adalah film debutan Wally Pfister, seorang sinematografer yang sudah malang melintang di dunia perfilman Hollywood dan mulai dikenal banyak orang karena kerjasamanya dengan Christopher Nolan di The Dark Knight trilogy dan Inception. 535 more words

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