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Use the Farce, Luke

Starcrash. Even saying the title brings a smile to my face. No, I take that back. It brings out full-out laughter from me. Following the stellar success (forgot to give everyone a bad pun alert – more will come) of Star Wars, a plethora of galactic and inter-galactic SW knock-offs, clones, duplicates, and replicates blasted our way faster than the Millennium Falcon. 964 more words

Random Meditations

A Day with Maria and the Von Trapps

“Maria! I grew up watching you sing, dance on the hills, gaze into the eyes of the handsome Captain Von Trapp, and become an instant mother to the seven beautiful Von Trapp children!” 229 more words


Beginners (2010)

Beginners (2010). Directed by Mike Mills. Starring Ewan McGregor, Christopher Plummer and Melanie Laurent.

Beginners has a claim to fame in the annals of movie history due to the fact that Christopher Plummer’s Best Supporting Actor Oscar made him the oldest recipient of an acting award in the history of the aforementioned ceremony. 872 more words

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Salacious Memoirs

In the book trade, “Super Thursday” in October is when all the big books, many of them celebrity autobiographies, are published for the run-up to Christmas. 36 more words



 Greetings again from the darkness. Don’t you feel sorry for the smart, rich doctor with the beautiful and successful wife, luxury apartment and appointment book full of patients?  552 more words


Never say never, whatever you do

What can a mouse and a pigeon teach us about writing? I shall enlighten you.

Did you ever watch An American Tail as a kid? It’s about this family of Russian-Jewish mice who escape to America (because “ 402 more words


Monthly Roundup & Favorite Movie of SEPTEMBER 2014

Welcome to October, folks! Autumn is officially here, though yesterday morning felt like Winter with temp in the 40s already, ugh. Autumn in Minnesota is rather unpredictable. 664 more words

Weekend Roundup