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The Drop that Contained the Sea (Christopher Tin)

Record Label: Tin Works
Date Released: 05/08/2014
Length: 57:21

Every so often an album comes across my desk which makes such a deep impression on me that I just have to review it whether or not it is a proper film score. 654 more words

5 Stars - Masterpiece!

Interview: Christopher Tin, Civilization Online (GamesBeat)

Christopher Tin recently sat down with me and GamesBeat to discuss the release of his second Global music album – The Drop that Contained the Sea – and his return to theme composition for the Civilization video game franchise. 7 more words


How Civilization Online brought a Grammy-winning composer back to games (interview)

Christopher Tin is best known as the composer of the first video game music theme to win a Grammy Award.

But beyond the massive success of his Civilization IV theme “Baba Yetu,” Tin’s career in classical composition has earned him equal — if not more — praise from the recording industry. 1,135 more words


15th Annual Kollaboration Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, CA (June 5, 2014)(–With 14 established chapters nationwide,Kollaboration has become the driving
force in bolstering underrepresented Asian American entertainers. As the organization’s founding chapter, Kollaboration Los Angeles serves as the flagship of this non>profit grassroots movement and provides a platform for local, aspiring entertainers and future leaders to showcase their abilities and gain recognition in the entertainment industry. 531 more words

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