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Chrome Show: Asus C200 Chromebook appears while the C300 hides

We knew Asus was going to supplement its Chromebox with a pair of Chromebooks(s goog) but only one so far has leaked. The C200 is an 11.6-inch Intel-powered(s intc) Chromebook that comes with pre-loaded software just like the Samsung Chromebook 2. 193 more words

Tinkering With the Revolutionary Chromebox!

Technology is moving at a faster pace than what we once thought. Technology now has an answer to every possible question and a solution to every customer need or problem. 1,013 more words


Acer product line update coming this month: Could a Chrome tablet be part of it?

Google(s goog) has quietly been adding touch input capabilities to its Chrome OS even though there are only two Chromebooks that have a touch screen. The on-screen keyboard in Chrome suggests more form factors could be on the way and… 120 more words

Hard to find Asus Chromebox earns good reviews

How good can a $179 computer that runs a browser and web apps actually be? Better than you might imagine. Based on early reviews, the Asus Chromebox(s goog) is a solid value for those who already have a monitor and can do the bulk of their computing tasks in Chrome OS. 92 more words


Chrome Show: I'll take a small Chromebox and a side of Android Wear please

Although many folks pre-ordered the Asus Chromebox(s goog), the anticipated delivery date has come and gone, so what gives? While we wait to find out we can also wait for new wearable devices thanks to Android Wear, which feature Google Now to unify Android, Chrome and Chrome OS. 125 more words


New ASUS Chromebox

The latest Chromebox from ASUS is bringing us techies a lot of excitement — rightfully so.

As a Chromebook owner, it is easy to see the delights and appeal of this friendly and easy to use OS (essentially Google Chrome with extensions and web apps) and see the power of having a small Chromebox (desktop version of the Chromebook) attached to a large display, such as your HD TV. 143 more words