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Today, Google updated its Chrome OS beta channel to version 38.0.2125.71, which introduces a bevy of fixes. In addition to resolving some bugs, the new software closes some security holes and adds a few performance enhancements. 95 more words


Dawning of The Alternate OS

Welcome to this new blog.  I have more ideas than I possibly have time to ever deal with, but sometimes some gain some traction. This is one of them, at least for now! 278 more words


Sling announced today that it’s updating its Slingplayer apps with the ability to stream content to a Chromecast connected TV. The service, which allows users to watch live and recorded TV shows from their TV at home using dedicated hardware, also allows streaming to mobile devices through the SlingPlayer iOS and Android apps. 145 more words


Google: College Students Get Chromebooks | Lend An OS

Big, conventional laptops for school are so 5 years ago. These days tablets and ultra dominate Academia.  The thing about many of these devices is that some (not all) are a little too light. 162 more words


Google’s new Chromebook Lending Library will let students borrow Chromebooks at 12 college campuses

Google announced today that it’s opening temporary Chromebook Lending Libraries at 12 college campuses this school year, allowing students to take Chromebooks for a test-drive free of charge: 156 more words


Chrome to get Android applications

Its being reported that the Chrome OS is set to get Android applications in the coming months.

This news probably has many people excited, firstly the non-tech folk who have a Chrome OS device and have looked in envy to the Play Store, whilst being on “show” for all Chrome OS users, doesn’t offer (at present) any compatibility.   969 more words


Slogging and blogging

Gawd this is a slog! I’m at the 63% point in my manuscript, according to my text editor. This is going slowly, but I feel good about it. 455 more words