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Overwhelmed with anxiety.

I literally have so much anxiety going on right now, even in my darkest moments I don’t think my anxiety has ever been quite as bad as it is right now. 370 more words

Pain management program.

So I had an appointment at my local hospital with a pain management consultant today. I was referred back in November but the appointment only came through for this month.  314 more words

Today I made the decision to live.

So there is something I haven’t told you guys. I didn’t tell anyone, not even my school counsellor who I practically tell everything to (though she now knows, and I’m telling my psych on Thursday). 474 more words

In a bad way.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been having such a god awful time. Well to be honest no time is ever good, but the past few weeks have been particularly bad. 292 more words


So I’m meant to be doing 10 minutes of taekwondo studying a day, to find my baseline of what I can handle and build up from there. 295 more words

Not even been here a day.

So I’ve not even been in Dubai a day yet and the pain is already bad, so it’s not looking good for the next 9 days here. 235 more words