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Methylation And Chronic Disease

Here is a very thorough comprehensive article on Methylation, MTHFR Defect and chronic illness. It is a good thing to understand especially because it can greatly effect your healing.



Why Is Sleep Important For Teenagers?

Sleep is so important for our bodies to heal and recuperate at ANY AGE, but it is especially critical for children and teens to get adequate sleep. 348 more words

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Introducing exercise after ME

So, here we go again! I’ve been at this point many times before over the last year. I’ve rested, paced myself, and I’ve now had 7 months of a strict diet and supplements to enable me to try and re-introduce exercise into my life. 1,785 more words


Throwback Thursday

to a time when I didn’t have all these auto-immune issues.

Or to a year ago when I ate only organic, homegrown, homemade, local when possible, gluten free foods- all in hope to cure my illnesses. 321 more words


New Antioxidant Could Help CFS Sufferers

A new kid on the antioxidant block could potentially help CFS and Fibromyalgia sufferers.

Antioxidants — found particularly in fruits and vegetables — are molecules that inhibit the oxidation (rust) of other molecules.  142 more words

Chronic Fatigue

Lyme and My Cavitation Adventure - Part 1

Hey lovely readers!

It’s late October, which can only mean one thing for us Lymies: an abundance of candy and yummy treats EVERYWHERE that we can’t eat. 3,180 more words


The Endless Search for a Diagnosis

For a lot of people, CFS is a relatively non-progressive illness. Estimates have been put out but vary around the 10-25% mark of those that have a progressive form. 1,278 more words