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Sleep In The Way

April 21, 2014

Sleep In The Way

Does sleep seem to get in your way of doing anything in the day. Fatigue is a drug in its self, you can’t turn it off or on, it comes and goes as it pleases. 283 more words


Stress Lives

Stress is a living thing moving about my body. I can feel it when it comes to pay a visit, and it stays for days. It’s a force manipulating my body and emotions, making me sick. 160 more words


Extreme fatigue

Fatigue can creep up on me when I’m least expecting it. When I feel I have enough energy to do a certain number of activities in one day (lots of planning involved so I don’t do too much), it can come along and just wipe me out. 310 more words

Chronic Dizziness

April 19, 2014

Chronic Dizziness

“Fibromyalgia symptoms can make life extremely difficult for those who have the disorder, making it hard to go to work, finish housework, or just get out of bed in the morning. 403 more words


Ointment for the soul

Today, on my only day off for rest, I decided that my soul was in need of some soothing. So I put on my sexy yoga pants and baggy T-shirt, and headed for the nearest craft store (what else would I do to soothe my soul, of course?), where I spent a good hour wandering every aisle relishing how nice it was to be able to do so without a husband tailing me and complaining “can we GO yet?”. 163 more words

Confusion, Disorientation, New Pills, Oh My!

I’ve been on a beta blocker (metoprolol ER, 25 mg) since about October of 2012, not too long after I first got sick. This was prescribed to help with my RAGING tachycardia. 532 more words

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