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Chicken burps

So the sleeplessness after taking the melatonin was a fluke after all. I took it last night and I think I was out cold within 30 minutes. 228 more words

Road to fitness: July 2014

July has been a month of two halves. My blip at the end of June continued for 3-4 weeks. Any blip is scary as there is no way of telling if recovery will come quickly or not or even whether it’s the start of another progressive downward spiral. 662 more words


How to Drink Coffee Without Feeling Crazy

The average coffee drinker consumes over three cups a day, and spends over $160 per year on the stuff. How many of those cups do you think the consumer actually enjoys? 859 more words

[Journal] The adventure continues

So, over the last two days, I’ve had the two specialist appointments that I had been waiting months for. I won’t go into too many details, but things didn’t go quite as planned. 521 more words

Pizza poops

So the melatonin I took gave me the exact opposite effect of what I wanted. I actually slept worse than I have been recently. Not sure what that was about. 215 more words

My Lyme Story - Part 1

I guess it’s time to share my Lyme story.

I’ve sort of been dreading this. How do you succinctly summarize what seems like a lifetime of medical hell?


releasing built up emotions

Ok. So we could be all smiles and positivity and pretend life with an autoimmune illness is manageable every day, but that’s just not the case. 233 more words

Chronic Fatigue