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Quick List of Mushrooms with Benefits

  • Hijiki:  High in protein, vitamins A, C, B, E, and K.   It has the highest level of calcium of all the seaweeds.
  • Dulse:  Very high in protein and is exceptionally digestible. 
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Natural Healing

from the amazing Sonja Reckinger


Line One: Telling a person with severe fatigue to exercise

Line Two: is cruel and insane!

Chronic Illness Cat

It's A New Day

It is interesting how quickly things can change. The last couple days have been remarkably good for me after a having just gone through some bad days. 167 more words



“Fibro-ma-what?” That was usually the first reaction I would get when I told people I had fibromyalgia, but that is the response of the past. The response of the present isn’t much better, “Oh I’ve seen that on a commercial.” Many fibromyalgia sufferers become tired with these responses but in reality it’s not entirely the public’s fault that they do not know what this long word means. 527 more words

Guest Post from Tumbling The Stone: A Chronic Illness Blog

A few weeks ago, I bumped into this incredible blog called Tumbling The Stone: A Chronic Illness Blog. Written by Veronique Mead M.D., her blog is an incredibly brave and rich plethora of postings about her experience with chronic fatigue. 2,096 more words


NYT Lyme Disease Protest, September 17, 2014

I barely had the energy to make it through the protest, and the rest of the NY trip, but we were there! A special thanks to Jan for the photos and for taking such good care of me around the rocky streets of NYC. 32 more words

Chronic Lyme Disease

my frenemy, insomnia

     Crossing the line into 4:00 am and not an instant of sleep yet.  Insomnia, my lifelong frenemy.  I’m so tired after a busier evening than usual.  859 more words