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Did you need that buzz and burn just to feel well… before you got fibromyalgia?

Over the years of working with fibromyalgia (FM) sufferers and writing about FM stress always bobs up as a key associated factor closely followed by the inevitable cause and effect argument that tends to ensue with no one really coming out any the wiser! 1,016 more words


A look inside my head - gift shopping

So far I’d only bought one Christmas present, and it was for myself. From my granddad who’s getting too old to buy gifts himself. I’d found these posture straps for my bad shoulder that I thought would be an appropriate gift from him. 2,402 more words

My Life

Guinea pigs have feelings too

One thing psychiatry and neurology have in common is that patients get medicated by trial and error. I was diagnosed with MS three years ago and I’m about to try my third treatment (I’m hardcore like that). 209 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

Forced to pause my life

I’ve been struggling with anxiety and periods of mild situational depression for as long as I can remember. I started noticing significant changes in my mental health at the turn of my 40th birthday and after a series of stressful and traumatic life events: my father passed away from a short, but painful 3 month battle with lung cancer; I ended a 4 year relationship; I moved away (mainly to get away) to pursue a graduate degree; my only daughter (then 18) was admitted to hospital on suicide watch; and during her hospital stay, her father (my ex-husband) took his life. 1,143 more words