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This Common Vitamin Lowers Bad Cholesterol Level

Posted by: Scott Davis

Having been diagnosed with high cholesterol your doctor is probably pushing you for dangerous medications with a list of side effects that extend longer than the listings in a phone book. 365 more words


Corn: Potential Health Problem

Dr. Peter Osborne (Gluten Free Society)

Many gluten free products use corn as an assumed safe grain substitute. Are you buying into this myth?


Gluten Free Society’s Stance… 465 more words


What Every Health Conscious Woman Needs to Know about Stressors and Why!

This is the next webinar in our series of FREE webinars that we are offering. I really hope you will register now because this webinar is packed full of information that could change your life for the better. 284 more words


Aging: The Journey, and my knees

I’ve written before that my knees are at least twenty years older than my actual age.

Heck, I’m willing to bet that England’s Queen Mother had better knees when she died at the age of 101. 394 more words

Contemplation Seeds


For our Tuesday “prompts day” about the weekly topic of Health and Healing Better Endings, I’d like to offer you some “contemplation seeds,” beginning with life coach Dawn Abraham’‘s thoughtful affirmation above. 210 more words

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Data Visualization Project -- The Diagnosis Difference


For this project, I took a piece of research and sifted through the most important facts to try to tell a story using a data visualization chart. 387 more words