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Making a difference

A couple of months ago, I sent in an application to the local hospital to be a volunteer. I didn’t hear back and of course I was disappointed, but I realized that it wasn’t a huge deal and another opportunity would come along. 258 more words


There IS a Purpose: Nothing is in Vain

Dear You,
Yes, you. You who need prayer and encouragement through this fiery painful trial in life. You who can’t seem to find the end of this unknown season. 624 more words

Trusting God

Spoiled and Loved

I’m feeling spoiled and loved.

My Mom made me Swiss steak, mashed potatoes, and a carrot/turnip mash (really yummy) then my Dad drove it over to me ( 567 more words


Siren song ( a dream? I had)

Oh Mother,Lady,Sister, Partner, Friend,Enemy I am drowning. I am lost, floating in perpetual darkness on that inky black sea you rule over. I forgot my way. 656 more words

Bone Broth Weekend

This is what I am having ALL weekend long. Bone broth vegetable soup. (Okay, so I may be having other things as well such as my breakfast of creamy amaranth, soft boiled eggs, and roast sweet potatoes this morning.) But, bone broth is what I’m sipping on all throughout the day. 663 more words

Anti-inflammatory Diet

Melt down...

So today when I got home from work I had a complete meltdown as the pain was unbearable. My husband ran me a bath and made me a cupper whilst I sobbed. 59 more words

Too much to say - Part one

Yesterday was a changing day. It’s the day we found out what kind of alien has been living on my brain. Apparently he’s been a bad boy. 1,057 more words