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OctPoWriMo. day 2

My windows are a photo frame
Framing pastures green
I’m stuck on the other side
Unheard and unseen

-Matt -

Mental Health

MCS Insight

I was talking with my attorney today about being exposed to the new paint and carpet.  He said we need to plan ahead to protect my health.  209 more words

Chemical Injury

10 Things You Should Stop Saying To Chronically Ill People (And 7 Things You Should Say)

1. “Just think positive and you’ll feel better!”

(Sigh.) This is just another way of telling us our illness is our fault — that we aren’t doing enough to get better. 1,210 more words

Productivity and a Nap.

I had to actually put clothes on this morning and take my husband to work because I have a physical therapy appointment and as a result of an absolute miracle, I am awake. 262 more words

Pain makes me an angry bird

When I’m having a bad pain day I lash out. I should just stay in bed away from everyone. I hate those days.

Chronic Illness

Empty caskets and fallen trees.

So My anxiety has been up and down the past few days so I’ve been laying low. It’s been mostly down today.

For a great while earlier in the day I was so fatigued and exhausted that all I wanted to do was drink some tea and lay in bed with my puppies watching Vampire Diaries (which is equally horrible and entertaining.) instead of fighting my illness like I normally do, I just kind of…let it happen. 330 more words