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When you suffer from chronic ill-health your birthday can be a terribly hard thing to have to deal with. It’s not just the fact that you are another year older and lets face it there is not a lot you can do about that, a birthday is also another reminder of how many years you have been sick for. 1,192 more words


I feel cheated.

I feel angry.

I feel scared.

I have been doing everything right. I have sorted out my medications and incorporated lifestyle remedies into my days. 663 more words


“Fibro-ma-what?” That was usually the first reaction I would get when I told people I had fibromyalgia, but that is the response of the past. The response of the present isn’t much better, “Oh I’ve seen that on a commercial.” Many fibromyalgia sufferers become tired with these responses but in reality it’s not entirely the public’s fault that they do not know what this long word means. 527 more words

Death by misadventure

I’ve been a bit of a miserable git lately, despite various health improvements. I’m still treating, people ask me how it’s going and I’m not sure how I’m meant to answer, I take about 30 pills a day and try not to get indigestion from them. 911 more words

Chronically Positive

Simple Gifts

Some of my favorite gifts come in the form of people. This past week, I had the joy of visiting with several that I don’t see often. 571 more words


Conflicting life things

Two weird things today has brought up:

1. A lot of very theatrical people are fawning over me an awful lot lately. Have I reached the stage where people want to associate with me? 277 more words