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Seven reasons why Endo-Fatigue causes so much trauma to its sufferers

Have you recently been tired? Have you recently been endo-tired? If yes, you’re very likely to know the difference. Explaining how you feel to the rest of the world is a different matter altogether. 1,504 more words


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Yes, yes, and yes. AMEN!


Stress. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Okay, before I go on ripping off rock songs (badly I might add), let’s admit it, we all have stress. 438 more words

The Reason for the Season

Miss. Manners warns that one should never discuss politics or religion at the dinner table, lest conflict erupt.

However, I’m not at a dinner table. 1,349 more words

I can't do this.

I can’t do this, I can’t do any of this, it’s too hard.

I spend my life fighting, fighting the pain every second of the day, fighting how it makes me feel, and I never win. 309 more words

Chronic Pain

Accepting or Embracing Chronic Lyme

Howdy, fellows!

I think I may have mentioned before that I am in the process of accepting, or at least trying to accept, the fact that this disease is going to take a while to shake off. 507 more words

Chronic Lyme

Getting from Point A to Point B, On the Road of Chronic Illness

Sitting on my couch, working from home for what will undoubtedly be the third week in a row.  That’s right I have not been able to make it into the office for 3 weeks straight.   527 more words

Chronic Illness

In Limbo, But It's A Good Thing

I was doing a good job, or in my opinion I was, in writing on here about my journey through accepting the new me along with all of the baggage that goes along with it.   533 more words