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Allow me to catch you up to present day...

I saw my first rheumatologist at age 13 due to debilitating fatigue.  Since that time, I’ve seen 3 additional Rheumatologists, a Sleep Specialist, a Urologist, an Endocrinologist, a Nephrologist, a Nutritionist, physical therapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists.   195 more words


Symptoms of Chiari

I often get asked about the symptoms of Chiari. The symptoms can vary greatly from person to person but here are the most common ones I hear about: 195 more words

Having no direction in life.

Chronic pain/illness is a life changing experience. We lose so much; our health, family, friends, independence, happiness, ourselves etc. Sometimes it seems like we have no direction in life, all our life revolves around is our pain and our illness and everything that brings. 689 more words

"What Do You Have, Again?"

“So, what do you have, again?” he asks of me.

The “he” has been family for over 9 years.

What I have (again) will not, I guarantee, 166 more words


Anger: A Peace Shattered

     Everyday I would wake early and race through my workday always following the same routine.   In time I slowly began to wake up later and later.   312 more words


Tuesday July 22nd

I am exhausted all the time. I cant relax in our house yet because there are things still in boxes, things that need organizing and if I’m not dealing with them, I feel like I am failing. 128 more words

Chronic Pain

can stretching the back of your head make you feel better? ~ healing note #4

When you have a chronic illness like Lyme and other related conditions, people have no idea how desperate you become to feel normal again.

And unfortunately, there’s a fine line between innovative health therapies and quackery.  1,141 more words