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Miss Fickle's Boring-Ass Beach Blog! Part 2: Wherein My Body Rebels

And lo, after four days of merriment and Revelry (Get it?  Revelry?  Cause Inspector Spacetime and I went on a big overnight to the Doomed Revel casino in Atlantic City???), my body goes kaput.   513 more words

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Overwhelming and Unexplainable..

“Miraculously recover or die. That’s the extent of our cultural bandwidth for chronic illness.”
― S. Kelley Harrell

Maybe you will read the quote above and not understand it, that’s ok.

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Chronic Illness

Need your help again...

You may remember me talking about a project Emily and I are working on – we are writing a book and hoping to get it published. 633 more words

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

Please Take This Poll

As I mentioned in my previous post, my daughter and I are writing a faith based book that we are hoping to have published. This book focuses on mostly the emotional aspects of living with chronic illness, although some practical advise is shared. 126 more words

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

A Thursday's Broken Prayer

There’s gotta be more…to pray. Something other than, “Lord, I’m tired”. Where are the prayers I had yesterday, of spiritual things, things of great importance. Yesterday, I began a new Bible study. 460 more words


Hurtful stereotypes

“You’re too young to be so sick….Oh, you are slow. You walk like you’re 80 years old.”  -Lab tech 

S and I got up early today to get my lab work done. 651 more words

Reflection on Robin Williams and Depression

I was very saddened to hear of the loss of one of the greatest film comedians of our time – Robin Williams.  Like many others, I grew up watching him in films such as Mrs Doubtfire, Jumanji,  and Jack as well as delighting in his performances as Mork in the hit comedy series ‘Mork and Mindy’.   668 more words