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14. I'm Listening--for Now

My lymph nodes have entered an overly enthusiastic growth spurt just in the last two and a half weeks, beginning about a week and a half before my last appointment with my oncologist.  1,409 more words


Day +96: Out of the Cocoon

Imagine you are a Monarch Butterfly caterpillar. You are on a milkweed leaf munching away. Your skin is stripped yellow, black, and white to look like a part of the plant. 515 more words

MD Anderson

Day +94: Observations

At six days until our homecoming, it is time to make some observations about what we have seen and done.

Observation 1: As a recent… 656 more words

13. You're the Expert: So Listen to Me Carefully

My primary test for whether a person is an asshat or a decent human being is whether that person listens as well as speaks.  Some people do nothing but speak; these are the asshats.  1,676 more words


Breakfast and Infusion

Breakfast and a handful of pills. How does your day start? One of the rules of the clinical trial is that I take my pills within half an hour of breakfast. 689 more words


Day +78: We Passed a Test!

Yep, things are looking up. We participated in our personalized SCT Survivor Training class. We answered many questions. We looked at a paper copy of a PowerPoint presentation filled with information about living safely at home after a Stem Cell Transplant. 497 more words

Day +75: One Day at a Time

More years than I want to think about, Merle Haggard wrote a song that should become the stem cell transplant patient’s theme song. The chorus goes like this: 606 more words