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9. I'd Rather Not Know Anyway

There is if not a virtue at least a realism in judiciously embracing the gratifying, comforting state of ignorance when necessary.  Of course, there are many uncomfortable facts that we have a moral obligation to know.  1,447 more words


Day +38

I seriously apologize for not posting for so long. I just have not had the energy to think about it. I have, however, written a new blog for “Cancerwise”. 51 more words


40 Things I Learned During First Year After CLL Diagnosis

I wrote the following list titled “What I have learned since CLL diagnosis” in Wichita, Kansas on February 27, 2000:

1) Life is short.

a) Eat dessert first. 495 more words


8. Keeping My Story Straight

As soon as I received the diagnosis of CLL/SLL, I started making big, ambitious plans for fall semester 2014 and spring semester 2015.   Obviously, I would be going into chemotherapy.  1,155 more words


7. How to Talk to People about Your Cancer

My surgeon told my wife after the biopsy surgery, while I was in recovery, that he had to remove three lymph nodes rather than one because they were “matted” and impossible to separate.  1,160 more words



I’m at the clinic today, waiting to find out how I feel.

Waiting is the operative word today. Everything is taking longer than it should. I got here at 7:00 so I could be first in line for lab work. 646 more words

6. Waking Up

I think of all the nurses that have helped me my absolute favorites have been recovery nurses, whether for relatively minor procedures like a colonoscopy or more complex procedures like arthroscopic surgery for adhesive capsulitis.  1,304 more words