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Day 3

It starts somewhere in my dream. There is a pain that I don’t believe – can’t believe is real. I don’t understand. Maybe I don’t want to understand. 136 more words

Chronic Pain

“My Pain Feels Like” Initiative Debuts in Europe

At an EU conference hosted by the European Economic and Social Committee, a new “My Pain Feels Like” patient initiative was unveiled. Organizers from the Active Citizenship Network put together the conference. 259 more words

Chronic Pain

Botox injections for migraines: What to expect

Looking through my much neglected blog, I noticed that people seem to like reading the post about my colonoscopy-prep more than anything else.  Not that I blame anyone for being attracted to that post… pooping fire and then having a stranger shove a hose up your butt is one of those experiences that binds us ALL together.  2,563 more words

Chronic Pain

Towards raising awareness of qualitative pain research

While awareness of qualitative research of lived pain is slowly increasing in the field of pain, it is far from established and needs cultivating from within the field by pain researchers (Mitchell & MacDonald, 2009; Osborn & Rodham, 2010; Price & Barrell, 2012). 839 more words


Sweetened Soda linked to Rheumatoid Arthritis (Link)

I came across this article a couple of days ago, and thought in interesting following on from my own observations in regards to Arthritis / Fibromyalgia pain and sugar… 10 more words


Where Does Pain Relief End and Drug Abuse Begin?

Prescription painkillers are a major issue in the United States: 17,000 people in the U.S. overdose on opioid painkillers every year. Overdoses have increased by four times the amount they were just ten years ago. 360 more words

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