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Respecting Pain

When it comes to pain, there are many treatment methods that can be taken advantage of.  And while most patients settle for pain medications, what they fail to realize is that there are a variety of custom practices that can be implemented to reduce pain as much as possible.   380 more words

Pain Management

Chronic pain & sugar

Quitting sugar is a bit of an in thing at the moment. There are books, blogs, sites, and articles that talk about nothing else.

This isn’t something new, people have known for a long time that excessive sugar intake is not good for you, whether it’s the thickened waist line, or the risk of diabetes, we all know that sugar is simply not good. 450 more words

Chronic Pain

Invisible Illness

I suffer from an ‘invisible’ illness which no one can see but affects my daily life severely. I have chronic back pain amongst other things and need to use a wheelchair, wheeled walker or a mobility scooter to get out of the house, which is not something I want to do, in fact I feel like a bit of a recluse as I am much happier to stay in the house as my pain doesn’t flare up as much as it does when I’m out and about, which is why it doesn’t happen very often except to take my dogs out. 1,099 more words


Past Memories: College Days


Hubby and I enrolled in the University of Wisconsin-Madison as freshmen in the Fall Semester of 1969.

I was 27-years-old, Hubby was 28, and we had three children 9, 8 and 2. 619 more words

the problem(s) with "Do What You Love"

The “Do What You Love” meme has been flaunting itself all over my pinterest feed lately. It’s a popular sentiment, and one that I vehemently supported as a teen. 374 more words

Chronic Pain

Gratitude Sunday - October 19, 2014

Grateful for Photos:  College Memories

Several week ago, my friend, The Librarian, sent photos of several of my most remembered buildings and places at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where I spent my days, 1969-73, as student. 532 more words

Another Pain Day

Another Pain Day

I have been up since 6 this morning. I tried to go back to sleep but I failed miserably. Ankle has decided to be a bitch today. 955 more words