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Rough day

Rough day. Rough evening.

Crohnie tummy started acting up right after lunch. The pain at times was excruciating. I had to go home and work the rest of the day from home. 277 more words


Healthcare in New Jersey - Fail First

The state of New Jersey still allows healthcare providers to override orders from doctors. Despite lacking a medical degree, insurance companies can dictate to doctors what medications to use on patients first. 390 more words


Exercise May Have Additional Benefits for Diabetes II Sufferers

One of the overlooked consequences of type II diabetes is damage to the peripheral nervous system. When diabetics do not maintain healthy blood glucose levels the distal portions of nerves involved in sensation and movement can be damaged because of undernourishment. 472 more words

Pain Management

Addiction v Dependence

I will put my hand up and tell you right now that I am addicted to living a pain free life as possible. Sounds sensible doesn’t it? 1,907 more words


One Doctor Uses YouTube video to Fight Back Pain

There is a lot of wrong and misconstrued information regarding back pain on the internet. But one doctor is using Youtube videos to fight back pain and inform about other health issues. 254 more words

Pain Management

Why See a Pain Psychologist?

People with chronic pain may also suffer from depression or general anxiety, which may make the pain even worse. But few have heard of pain psychology… 260 more words

Pain Management

Ramblings From Within [My Pain Fog]

I’ve been in a fog lately. A heavy, thick fog that I can scarcely see in. It’s what I’ve referred to as “the pain fog”. … 498 more words