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I have spent 8 and a half years dealing with Crps and it has not been easy and I have done it

all on my own really. 687 more words

7 Simple Ways to Reduce Chronic Pain

Sometimes pain can be managed, in addition to any necessary medications, with a few lifestyle changes and new habits that generate more positive outcomes for our bodies. 526 more words

Pain Solutions

Trouble Interpreting Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is interpreted differently to different people. Some say it isn’t a single disorder but many working together. Rheumatologists often consider it a pain disorder, while others say it as a “functional” disorder, a way of saying the issue is not physical but is instead psychological. 316 more words

Pain Management

“NEGATIVE TRUMPS POSITIVE",,, Rick Hanson.........

Mark George Tobey
“Negative events generally have more impact than positive ones.
For example, it’s easy to acquire feelings of learned helplessness from a few failures, but hard to undo those feelings, even with many successes (Seligman 2006). 72 more words


Gratitude Sunday - August 31, 2014

My First Rocking Chair

Today, I am grateful for gifting me — my first rocking chair.

I visited my grandparents, as a child, every summer in Mississippi.   350 more words

Breast Cancer

Rough day

Rough day. Rough evening.

Crohnie tummy started acting up right after lunch. The pain at times was excruciating. I had to go home and work the rest of the day from home. 277 more words