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Doubting being Different

The past couple of weeks have been very rough for me. I have had big episodes of migraines and my foot has been playing up again. 541 more words

I begin to feel human again – small steps

I slept well again! Woo hoo for Endone! I woke at 7am, it’s almost a miracle. The tiredness is still overwhelming; it is truly hard to explain. 341 more words

Breast Cancer

Almost 1 in 5 Americans Plagued by Constant Pain, Survey Suggests

By Alan Mozes
HealthDay Reporter

THURSDAY, Oct. 30, 2014 (HealthDay News) — Almost one-fifth of Americans do daily battle with crippling, chronic pain, a large new survey reveals, with the elderly and women struggling the most. 746 more words

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Lymphedema Treatment: Day 1

Today, I made it through an entire appointment without crying, yelling, or shutting down. Compared to the appointment I had a few weeks ago, this is a huge accomplishment. 574 more words


Sketchbook pages #3 ... mindlessly doodling is a brain workout!

A few more pages from my sketchbook…

The doodles materialize most evenings as I pretend to watch tv or while listening to music. I’m so used to it that I feel something is missing if I don’t have a pen in my hand. 186 more words


Hold your breath and count to ten...

I have been rather stressed and tense, every little thing has really annoyed me; leaving me having a childish strop. My pains in my kidney area has been causing me great discomfort, so managed to book a half day in work to see my GP; who surprise, surprise gave me more tablets. 250 more words


What If Your Pain Were Visible?

What if your invisible illness could be made visible?

What if you could wear something that brought attention to the pain you’re feeling, the pain no one can see? 491 more words

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