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To Complain or Not Complain, That is the Question

Find a Balance

People living with chronic pain must find a healthy balance between talking too much about their pain and suffering in silence.

Consequences of Too Much Complaining… 431 more words

What NOW???

I am feeling very overwhelmed right now. I feel like every time I have some kind of test or scan something new pops up. I had my EMG done yesterday and have been in lots of pain because of it. 137 more words

Don't count sheep anymore, say scientists. This is the best way to mimic lost sleep and feel human again

Sleep, ahh glorious sleep. One of the precious commodities those without fibro/CFS – (insomniacs not included) seem to take for granted.

Most of the non-fibro public don’t realize that sleep is like oxygen for us – we aren’t just TIRED after a poor night’s slumber, we’re wrecked,  in pain, and fibro-fog has us wading through the murky days like zombies.  651 more words


Hello there...

Going back to school with a chronic illness felt like the fear you get right before jumping out of an air plane to sky dive. “Oh my god, I thought I wanted this and now that I’m here, I’m not sure if I should jump or not…. 330 more words

Chronic Illness

An Introduction

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Firstly a little introduction, I am The Eternal Ostomist (twitter @eternalostomist) and have finally decided to keep a blog related to my various health issues and, in particular, my colostomy. 232 more words

Bowel Disease

I Smile In The Face Of Pain

Nothing can bring me down today!

Not even all this RAINY weather we’re having.

My body is achy and rigor but my heart is filled with so much love and happiness. 58 more words


Surgery Doesn’t Help Mild Knee Osteoarthritis

Canadian researchers recently found that surgery didn’t help those with mild knee osteoarthritis.

805 participants with osteoarthritis and meniscal tears took part in this study, conducted by McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. 254 more words

Pain Management