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Poetry: Secrets in a Brave Old World

secrets in a brave old world

secrets live in a thousand dreams
hidden behind black midnight scenes
keeping time with heart’s pounding beats
in a brave old world… 208 more words


Day 14: injection

365 Days of Migraine Day 14: Injection

|Today I almost missed my own birthday party. The normal “wake up headache” did not improve from 1/2 imitrex & Percocet as it usually does, and I realized while john was meeting with his client that I didn’t even feel well enough to pick up my prescriptions and a card for joel at the store. 48 more words

Chronic Migraine

It won't hurt too bad

I had no idea just how much the stimulator was helping… … until now, as I try to adapt to no longer having that relief. … 333 more words

Chronic Pain

Fairyness Fairy

For many years as you raise a child you find yourself  ( well at least I did ) repeatedly saying the words … Life isn’t fair. 275 more words



Its absurd how I

Fear my head hurting on one

Side more than on both.



I have spent 8 and a half years dealing with Crps and it has not been easy and I have done it

all on my own really. 687 more words

September 2, 2014 Sharing the Pledge #USPainPAM

Take the US Pain Foundation Pain Awareness Pledge and recognize that there are many who live with some sort of chronic pain on a daily basis.   103 more words