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10 Ways Addiction is Different in America


3. We Use More Opioids Medically (But Not for the Reasons You Might Think)

America is actually number two in terms of per capita consumption of opioid pain medication (measured by dose equivalence between the various opioids)—contrary to recent CDC claims citing old data; these days Canada wears the crown. 183 more words

Chronic Pain

Fleeting Moments

It takes me a moment to realize it. That’s the thing about pain, you’re aware when you’re in it but not when you’re not. Those pain free moments are fleeting just because you don’t realize them. 207 more words


Sometimes You Just Need a Fork....

What is the obsession with chronic pain patients and spoons anyway?

Well…I can tell you…

Thank you to Christine Miserandino for finding a way to explain chronic pain conditions to others. 1,588 more words

Chronic Pain

The Holidays

The holidays are upon us again,
And with them the Tears, Fire, and Pain.
Hidden from those who don’t know our trials,
And the screams of the broken and lame. 128 more words

Chronic Pain