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The headache hits while we’re at the grocery store.

“I felt all right earlier,” I tell my mom while we’re walking towards the front of the store to check out. 94 more words


What a day!

I want to tell you about my day yesterday. It was shit. Now I use that term loosely because no one died so it wasn’t  959 more words


My weird new symptoms

My blood vessels are doing strange things again. My Raynaud’s is worse than ever. It’s always predominantly affected my feet, but now my hands are becoming just as bad. 345 more words

Is anybody listening?

So knowing how much anxiety I have about doctors, my psychologist didn’t have me on her schedule for Thursday, our weekly appointment day and time. She wasn’t even in the office. 98 more words

Just 24 hours...

What a difference a day makes.

And a good night’s rest.

And an LLMD who is reassuring.

The other night, I couldn’t sleep for crap. I tossed and turned. 386 more words

Blackberry Kush

Name: Blackberry Kush

Heritage: Strongly Indica dominant – 80/20. Parentage is reputed to be a male of DJ Short’s Blueberry phenotype crossed to an Afghani mother. 1,029 more words

Berry Flavor/Aroma

Surrender Instead of Resigning

Purge the pain; pop the pimple,

Don’t use your hair to cover that wrinkle.

Catch and release, so you can find peace.

It’s surely gonna burn, but today is your turn. 374 more words