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Review: "Project Almanac"

In recent years, one of the most sporadic sub-genres in terms of quality of film has been the found footage genre. While recent films like 2012’s superhero drama “Chronicle” and 2009’s sleeper hit “Paranormal Activity” breathed new life into the niche category and showed off the potential of its intimate nature, countless others have come to screens (mostly in the horror genre) that not only misuse the conventions of found footage but also miss in terms of cinematic entertainment in general. 697 more words


Precious Affirmation

On Wednesday, after Cyndie arrived home from a challenging day of work, she stepped in the door and thanked me for sending love to her while she was on the job. 370 more words


In Between

Lately, it feels like things here at Wintervale are in a state of being between, in a variety of ways. In large part, I think it is a function of the time of year and the type of weather we have been experiencing. 543 more words



It’s been over a year since Ganma died (my Chinese pronunciaion of “Grandma”, since she couldn’t pronounce the “r” or the “d”). My grandfather and one of my aunts still live in that shared home, so their phone number is still in my phone book. 291 more words

My Blog's Origin Story

You might be wondering where in the world I got the urge to write this blog, especially given my long list of failed blogs. Am I just a glutton for punishment? 298 more words

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