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Berkeley City Council Considers Banning Pet Restrictions For Tenants

BERKELEY (CBS SF) — The city of Berkeley is considering a new ordinance that would ban landlords from having any pet restrictions on their properties. 357 more words



Like it or not, the content of the annual report is mostly a true reflection of the status.  Yes… some was out of context, but frankly it has been 30 months and I have only done a year’s work at best.   84 more words


Spritz # 9743

Opinions have a gang mentality. They gather on corners, spitting, mocking, chanting, singing. Piss on the other side of the street is my best advice, mind your own business, go on your own sweet way unmolested with no visible blemishes on your velvet speedos. 650 more words



It’s probably an unnecessary title but September ended up being slow after a whole month off in August.  I am paying the price in October.  Just when I’m starting to find my rhythm and the hours in the day, just as I restart communication with my supervisors in a face-to-face meeting on my way to the States.   145 more words


RIP SF Bay Guardian: Activist journalism no longer worth its weight in wood pulp

It’s a sad day for “the real” San Francisco. Today, sidewalk boxes will fill up with the latest and last edition of The San Francisco Bay Guardian, the progressive weekly rag that’s been a fixture in the city for just shy of half a century. 729 more words


Shadow From the Beyond

Grumdon – 653k HP


  • Pulverize
    3s cast, interruptable. Frontal cone AoE.
  • Infernal Breath
    3s channel. Frontal cone AoE.
  • Drums of Doom
    9s Channel. AoE centering around Grumdon.
  • 588 more words