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Arena Space

Just when we are beginning to see progress on improvement of our hay-field, we go and re-purpose a significant chunk of it for a riding arena. 317 more words


David Garibaldi of "Tower of Power"

I drove every day during my stay in L.A. Before long, I became able to use freeways. I can go anywhere, I only need the address now. 472 more words



It was said that California was once Mexico. No wonder there are a lot of Taco shops in L.A. Many Hispanic people live there.

As I mentioned before, the main object of this travel was “a change of pace”. 184 more words


The Thinking of He an She

What he thinks

Hello, good morning and welcome to you

Hello, good morning so nice to see you

Your face is friendly, your manner polite… 906 more words

Nine Lives, Touched by Faith

By way of an ending and another new beginning, all be it a loose and woolly start to a new one, let me set the scene for you my dear kind reader; look upon it not unkindly, for when you have time on your hands and easily distracted way of going through life, you can easily find yourself sitting (as I often find myself) in the confines of cafes, pubs, coffee houses, bookshops and library’s, passing the time one way or another, watching life go on about me. 352 more words

Meal affairs

There was a small cafe near the motel where I stayed. It was a few minutes’ walk away. Its metallic extrnal appearance was really nice, so I tried. 202 more words


Sunset Boulevard

The maps I got were printed so fine. I was lucky not having to wear glasses. If I were there now, I cannot see anything without thick reading glasses. 180 more words