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Day 9: Finding the Wardrobe

Okay, I failed. Well, ish. I was going to blog everyday, but you know what? I would have really boring posts (see: the last couple of posts) and they wouldn’t have “the Caro factor” (just made that up). 883 more words

Belated benefits from a birthday

When we were recently in Melbourne we had dinner at this restaurant. A bit tricky to see on the computer but the business card was all in white, very clever as you had to tilt the card to see the name.   213 more words


Narnia: No Neutrality


In C. S. Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (1950), after the White Witch overthrew Narnia in war she deceived many of its subjects into aligning with her and made them her spies. 808 more words


Trending Turkish

Looking at neat rows of lovely pastel pastries under glass gets me as excited as any other female foodie, at least one who doesn’t forcibly relinquish childlike candy shop joy in favor of a cynical view of pastry trends. 520 more words


Judging A Book By Its Cover: The Chronicles of Narnia

Time for another edition of Judging a Book! We all judge cover art a little, even if it doesn’t necessarily sway us into buying or not buying a book.  137 more words


Insights from Narnia's Prince Caspian

As you follow Christ, do not harden your heart

When you hear his voice, believe and trust Him

Cast away your fears and doubts and weaknesses. 191 more words