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Video Game Music Makes the Perfect Lullaby

As a parent of a young child I’m all too familiar with the eternal struggle of bedtime. After many sleepless nights, I discovered a nightly ritual of a lullaby playlist worked wonders. 51 more words


36 Chrono Cross (feat. Niamh Schönherr)

Jim and Kevin bounce between dimensions, with special guest expert friend Niamh Schönherr, to discuss all 45 playable characters in Chrono Cross.


[Chrono Cross -Ending-] Schala's Words

“Aku telah menunggu dalam keabadian…

Hanya untuk saat ini…~

Tanpa arti menyakiti satu sama lain…

Bentuk-bentuk kehidupan yang mulai raib…


Yang telah sasap… 360 more words

Game Music - So Unappreciated

After listening to a variety of music throughout these years, from American pop back in 2007 to Korean pop nowadays, I have to say that game music is the one of the most diverse and interesting type of music out there, along with movie and animation soundtracks. 79 more words

AMV Roundup! Chrono Cross-Riverside

I was a little skeptical when it opened up with the spoken part, but it’s actually all just part of the song, which has this dark, sweeping tonality that I really dug. 86 more words


Final Fantasy XII, Suikoden, and Other Games I Missed

I don’t know about you, but I have always had a spot in my heart for the RPG; more specifically, the RPGs and JRPGs of the past. 409 more words

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