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My Travels of Spira, Pt.3

Today, I finally made it into Chapter 2 of Final Fantasy X-2.

21 Hours in, I spent a nice handful of the time doing nothing but sidequests and leveling individual Dresspheres before continuing with the storyline missions. 426 more words


Let's Play Chrono Cross Ep. 64 - Different Paths A: Guile

Welcome back to Let’s Play Chrono Cross, as I show off the extra features of New Game+.  We’ve already checked out 2 of the alternate endings, but there were some other choices that we could take.  825 more words

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Solo Game Vacation: Week One

So as I said before in my previous posts, I had decided to take some time off of the hustle and bustle of the non-stop worlds of MMOs and what not and get in touch with my roots of single player games.  1,909 more words


Let's Play Chrono Cross Ep. 63 - Ending #2: General Kid

Welcome back!  Today on Let’s Play Chrono Cross, we are gong to continue through our adventure of New Game+!  Last time, I showed off the Programmer’s Room ending, and this time, we have something a little different.  502 more words

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AMV Roundup! Chrono Cross- Run

This old Snow Patrol song is a beautiful backdrop for Chrono Cross’s visuals, which, for a Playstation One game, hold up spectacularly well. Chrono cross had some truly unique landscapes and an awesome overarching plot involving a lot of deep philosophical concepts regarding Fate and time. 58 more words


Let's Play Chrono Cross Ep. 62 - Ending 1: Programmer Room

Welcome back!  Last time on Let’s Play Chrono Cross, I beat the game.  That doesn’t mean that it is over though.  There are several different endings to peruse, and also several different paths that we can take throughout the game that will show off different things.  2,835 more words

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Geeze, I Need to Play More Video Games

How many times do you hear people say that?  In my case, it’s truth. Games are how I relax. If I’m not playing, I’m not relaxing. 319 more words