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Revisiting Chrono Cross (Part 2)

By this point in the story, we’ve been introduced to two of our primary players (the third will be showing up at the end of this next act), and we’ve gotten our feet a little wet with the combat system. 776 more words


Revisiting Chrono Cross (Part 1)

I haven’t tried to do a really in depth write up of a video game since my series on Final Fantasy VII two years ago (I’m going to say it was two years ago, because we’re in 2015 now and that means two years is a totally legitimate estimate), but I’ve been itching to go back and check out… 1,485 more words


Turns out, with videogames, you can go home again

I’m not one hundred percent sure who the “they” is, but they often say you can’t go home again. It’s a phrase I think about a lot, with plans to eventually draw a short little comic involving children, forest monsters, and cranky parents about the notion. 1,036 more words


Video Game Challenge Day 30: Needs one less sequel

“Game that you really wish hadn’t got a sequel”

It has to be Chrono Trigger. Well, I don’t really have anything against Radical Dreamers; it’s the more well-known game that replaced it that’s the problem. 215 more words


Top Songs from Chrono Cross

Another one of my lists of top songs, this time listing my top 10 songs of “Chrono Cross” for the PS1.  While I believe “Chrono Trigger” was a far better game, it can’t compete with the awesome music of “Chrono Cross”.  451 more words


What Makes a Game a Sequel?

I recently played and beat Chrono Cross, and let me tell you, it was quite a struggle.  Due to a leveling up system where you really only level up when you beat a boss or when you fight the first few enemies after a boss, I had lots of frustration trying to defeat enemies that were just too tough for me, which was helped when I got the Mastermune, but still.  640 more words


Boxing Day

It’s the day after Christmas, and I’m preparing to enjoy the second week of my winter break, which is the best time of year aside from the summer break that’s four times as long.  659 more words