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Final Fantasy XII, Suikoden, and Other Games I Missed

I don’t know about you, but I have always had a spot in my heart for the RPG; more specifically, the RPGs and JRPGs of the past. 409 more words

Video Games

Video Games Live / The Scars Of Time

Do you remember Chrono Cross? Initially released for the PlayStation, this was one of the few games to ever get a perfect 10/10 score on GameSpot. 43 more words


Fragments of the Sands

Individuality is the word I would like to use in the case of this memory. I’ve always had a huge love for nature or nature themed areas, and in some cases I may take a beach over a forest, or maybe grotto over a coast as a few examples. 441 more words


5 Most Favorite VGO Youtube Videos

Hello, there!

One day, I was searching for the music video of Gently As She Goes on Youtube and I found the version of it sung by an incredible singer called Erutan. 568 more words


The Sound of Wizards' Duel

As Wizards’ Duel Art Director I have the mission to find music and FX for the game.¬† Besides my visual work, I play music too, and I’m in touch with some amazing collegues and conductors, but given that Wizards’Duel is at the moment a no budget project, I didn’t mean to offer them an unpaid job. 178 more words

Sword & Sworcery

Lessons from the Classics: MP Alternatives

We’ve all played a game or two (or twenty) with this system: each character has a finite amount of MP used for spells, more powerful ones cost more MP, and if your MP runs out you need items (or “rest”) to replenish it. 1,174 more words

Game Design

AMV Roundup! Chrono Cross- Carribbean Blue

This AMV could use a little fine tuning on the editing, but overall the piece was spellbinding for me. The song choice fit the game perfectly–that traveler’s hopeful type of hymn that permeated Chrono Cross. 62 more words