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Lessons from the Classics: MP Alternatives

We’ve all played a game or two (or twenty) with this system: each character has a finite amount of MP used for spells, more powerful ones cost more MP, and if your MP runs out you need items (or “rest”) to replenish it. 1,174 more words

Game Design

AMV Roundup! Chrono Cross- Carribbean Blue

This AMV could use a little fine tuning on the editing, but overall the piece was spellbinding for me. The song choice fit the game perfectly–that traveler’s hopeful type of hymn that permeated Chrono Cross. 62 more words


Returning To Terra Tower

Today, I decided to return back to a old classic of mines. Instantly I was enamored with nostalgia as I recall my 14 year old self playing this many years ago. 408 more words


Death of the Sequel

Originally an IGN Blog

Before I even start, no, this isn’t going to be a rant about the ceaseless franchising of fairly decent titles ( 1,234 more words


The Dragon's Wish



Experiencing the area is one thing, where as seeing it is also another thing. The art style for this game is visually appealing to the eyes and much more for some. 459 more words


Music to My Ears: Time's Scar

God, where do you even begin with Chrono Cross?

It’s not as bad as some people claim. It’s not as good as some people claim. (Gamespot gave it a perfect 10 back in the day!) It’s pretty much the definitive example of dichotomy in video games. 356 more words

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Forest of Shadows

As I continuously engaged in multiple playthroughs of Chrono Cross through the years, I found myself finding something that would stand out to me in every single one. 425 more words