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The Dragon's Wish



Experiencing the area is one thing, where as seeing it is also another thing. The art style for this game is visually appealing to the eyes and much more for some. 459 more words


Music to My Ears: Time's Scar

God, where do you even begin with Chrono Cross?

It’s not as bad as some people claim. It’s not as good as some people claim. (Gamespot gave it a perfect 10 back in the day!) It’s pretty much the definitive example of dichotomy in video games. 356 more words

Video Games

Forest of Shadows

As I continuously engaged in multiple playthroughs of Chrono Cross through the years, I found myself finding something that would stand out to me in every single one. 425 more words


Fragments of a Dream

There was always something about Chrono Cross that inspired me to not only play, but understand the concept of many things. For some, a game is one of various mediums, whether it be for entertainment or a temporary occasion. 590 more words


Life at the Grindstone: the small significance of grinding

The Magus by John Fowles follows an entitled, selfish English graduate escaping his failed ambitions and relationship to a Greek island. There he meets Maurice Conchis, a billionaire intellectual who may be (but probably isn’t) connected to a supernatural force. 2,484 more words

Videogame Criticism

Hello, my friends!

I’m CarelessRex. My christian name is Carelonias Rexamillion IV but you can call me Rex.

Do you remember those sweet childhood days long ago? When you’d stay home sick and play SNES? 711 more words

A Gem of a Classic RPG

It’s way to similar to Chrono Trigger for me to enjoy it at all!

I used to hear that statement all the time when people talked about Chrono Cross.

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