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A Song by The Byrds, A Verse from Ecclesiastes and A few Lessons Learned

Wednesday we saw the oncologist and got the results we have hoped and prayed for: the leukemia which was in remission for 7 years had figured out how to work around Gleevec  and started building those leukemia cells again. 1,175 more words

The Hard Days

Medical Bills, Insurance and Crohn's, Oh MY!!

I know I haven’t been updating much, and there’s a reason why. I just haven’t felt like writing with everything else going on. Most of you know that I’ve been battling… 472 more words


A Feel Good Day

Today has been a feel good day; the first that I have had in quite a while. It has not been a grand day, but it has been special to me and to us because we had glimpses of normalcy. 234 more words

Chron's Disease

Finding Peace

No denying it, things have been tough ever since the bone marrow biopsy  & aspiration.

Friday’s procedure left me curled up in a tiny little ball physically, emotionally and spiritually. 2,284 more words

The Hard Days

Expect the Unexpected

…raw…today i feel completely devoid of strength and hope…

 I slept very little last night and when I woke this morning, tears were on my cheeks. 1,464 more words

The Hard Days

Bone Marrow Exam from This Side of The Needle

Tomorrow is the big day.

Bone marrow biopsy.  Technically I am having a “Bone Marrow Exam”. Bone marrow biopsy just sounds so much cooler and people sort of understand what it means, which is why I use the term. 1,129 more words

The Hard Days

Giving Thanks With Intention

We moved a lot when I was growing up which probably explains my ability to make conversation with almost anyone, anytime, anywhere. One move was particularly hard on me and as with all things that are hard on us, that move forced me to dig deep and develop character traits that have enriched my quality of life. 861 more words

The Hard Days