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You are never too old for the ice cream truck...

A few days ago I was just sitting on the couch and enjoying the fact that all my Littles went home early. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty close to comatose and drool was starting to form. 195 more words

My Poor Friends & Family

Pro Tip: Keeping Cool During Hot Summer Days

I currently live in South Florida where the daily ‘real feel’ temperature is Satan’s gym sneakers. Living on the cheap down here usually means having to go without one of many of technology’s great gifts to mankind, the modern air conditioner. 518 more words


Small Stream Discoveries

A few posts ago I talked about the small stream that flows alongside and the length of our village (Testing Our Little Stream). Visually devoid of any finned life, I had spotted and managed to catch a fish!!! 605 more words

Coarse Fishing

10 Fat Perks: The Plus Side to Being Plus Size

Since I was about 10 years old I’ve been what others call “fat” and that’s ok.

Nine years later I’ve developed into a young woman who has learned to love herself and is still on the journey to personal body acceptance. 360 more words


I may have the smartest dog in the world....

So yesterday Lola had to wear the cone of shame due to her fatty tumor on her back leg. And before you freak out, it’s NOT cancer and apparently they just disappear on their own. 374 more words


It's all fun and games until someone ends up in a cone...

A few weeks ago I noticed a red lump on Lola’s back leg. Of course I immediately yelled out cancer, hugged her so hard she burped and then proceeded to give her a full body lump exam while on the phone scheduling a vet appointment. 179 more words