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Is your strategy as a non-profit one about tote bags?

As a non-profit executive, former development officer and customer strategy professional, I think Seth Godin nails this one.

He personally did the opposite of this in his successful effort to help end malaria in Africa. 159 more words


A Funny Story about Frank

In high school I took a “Humanities” class and we took a field trip to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.  I don’t exactly remember the precise reason for the field trip other than seeing awesome art.  330 more words


Chuck Close @ Museum of Contemporary Art

Occasionally an exhibition leaves you with a sense of awe. The art created by Chuck Close could do that by itself but with a well informed guide the experience was almost overwhelming. 199 more words


I love serendipity – I’ve just started reading the catalogue that accompanies the Chuck Close exhibition I saw last week and there in the introductory essay is Close being quoted on crosshatching.

253 more words

NEW TREES by van Gogh

The National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh is immensely blessed to be the caretaker of an 1889 van Gogh painting of Olive Trees. Meditating on it furthers my thoughts about faking & originality. 394 more words


Phil & Chuck [draft]

One truth
	black & dark
and inkly  severed from—
and tiny squares of arithmetic
	density perhaps


His hunch—perspective—proves
	something some scream
	or prowl with semi-automatic
plutonium a standard-issue chokehold 
six shots  four through the arm two in the head
	too many  too loud


Say it, man! 57 more words


Sydney is one of the best places to be during the summer, with exciting outdoor events happening almost every day and many of these are free of charge. 536 more words