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Partying with the Other Cartoon Mouse

From reading parenting blogs, there appears to be a trifecta of parental hate: Calliou, glitter (the herpes of craft supplies), and Chuck E. Cheese. 776 more words


Holy Fucking Shit!

A father met who he thought to be another pretty chill dad at a fucking Chuck-E-Cheese’s restaurant ended up leaving his little girl with a fucking registered sex offender.   25 more words

Fucking U.S. News

12 Days: Chuck E. Cheese Family Night!

Chuck E. Cheese Family Night – Brought to you by MetroPCS

Hot 96.3’s 12 Days of Christmas is all about giving back. This year we are supporting Ronald McDonald House of Indiana with 12 Great Events. 204 more words

12 Days Of Christmas

Pushover ( #14 &15)

So I’m a push over. So what? I’m a good mom. I have a soul, a heart, that makes me human…and it’s a soft heart-so there’s where the root of it lies. 99 more words

Say Cheeeeeeeeese!

My memory has served me well as I am not one to forget too easily. If I do forget something it is with a concerted effort to block it out of my mind. 507 more words


Kim Jong Un(popular)

Welcome back, Kim Jong Un! Not like we all assumed you were hiding with your bad health or anything, but it definitely seems like you’re trying to compensate for something now. 50 more words

Daddy Keeps His Promise

Well, folks, I was true to my word. Took the kittens to Chuck E. Cheese, or as I like to call it, Chuck E. Bola. Had lots of fun. 30 more words