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Pushover ( #14 &15)

So I’m a push over. So what? I’m a good mom. I have a soul, a heart, that makes me human…and it’s a soft heart-so there’s where the root of it lies. 99 more words

Say Cheeeeeeeeese!

My memory has served me well as I am not one to forget too easily. If I do forget something it is with a concerted effort to block it out of my mind. 507 more words


Kim Jong Un(popular)

Welcome back, Kim Jong Un! Not like we all assumed you were hiding with your bad health or anything, but it definitely seems like you’re trying to compensate for something now. 50 more words

Daddy Keeps His Promise

Well, folks, I was true to my word. Took the kittens to Chuck E. Cheese, or as I like to call it, Chuck E. Bola. Had lots of fun. 30 more words


(PODCAST) Stories We Missed w/ Rich Herrera, Suzy Stark and Jeff Pantridge

Rich Herrera, Suzy Stark and Jeff Pantridge talk about some of the craziest jobs they had back in the day. 6 more words

Out Of Bounds

the gay windmill

The other day while I was being black and bored. I remembered one of my many weird and awkward job experiences that really got me thinking. 636 more words

Slave Job

Unstoppable And Insane Child Terrorizes Parents And Adults At Chuck E. Cheese

The truly concerning thing, however, is that the kid doesn’t seem to understand how to play any of the games. That and he spits on someone after yelling at them around the 4:00 minute mark. 22 more words