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Mall Phobia

Having a daughter is one of life’s great joys until, you are forced, against your will, to take her clothes shopping at the mall. I, naive fool that I am, thought that I gotten through the worst of it. 996 more words


Wedding and Birthdays

It’s been very busy with Samar’s new job and many other activities, so didn’t get time to update the blog for a while. First we visited… 124 more words


Happy Birthday Ryan: How to throw a kid's party without the mess

Children’s birthday parties have changed–from home to party place. I usually don’t post my family’s birthday parties, but this one will be an exception. It was my younger grandson’s 6th birthday, and he wanted it at… 462 more words

Adventures With Chuck E. Cheese

The North Texas Puppy Raiser group had a social outing to the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant/playground fun house.  We visited the one in Garland on Hwy. 44 more words

David: Pugs Love A Ball Pit

Everyone loves dogs! But it takes a special kind of person to love a pug, simply because the pug possesses a power unlike any other dog. 81 more words


The Keen Peach Power 30: Day 19 and Ryan's First Trip to Chuck E. Cheese


It was back to the gym this morning for biceps, triceps and music-less cardio. I left my phone at home and it’s my music player. 829 more words


7 Types Of Kids You'll Find At Chuck E. Cheese's

Seven. The Ball Pit Bomber

The bomber will spend 75% of his time lurking around the ball pit trying to make friends. Everyone knows that the ball pit smells like a box old road kill, but this doesn’t faze the bomber. 617 more words