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Here's Sports Illustrated's 'Boston Strong' Cover Photo

3,000 Bostonians who wouldn’t know a barbell from a barback can now say they’ve made the cover of Sports Illustrated!

But in all seriousness, it was a great gesture by… 241 more words


Nirvana Played a Secret Show Last Night - Here's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" with Joan Jett

Nirvana was officially immortalized Thursday night, as the band got inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. They also performed some songs with… 245 more words


Michael Pineda Clearly Used Pine Tar - And The Red Sox Don't Care, So Why Should We?

Freakin’ athletes. Think they can just get away with anything while a dozen HD cameras document their every move.

A lot of major league pitchers use stuff to doctor the baseball and give them a better grip. 339 more words


This Guy's Cat Just Wants to Shred! [VIDEO]

The guy in this video can sure rip it up on the guitar. But his cat wants to show him who the real face-melter is. 102 more words


Watch a Clerk Disarm a Robber and Scare Him Off

As much as I’d like to say I’d do the same thing as this clerk, I’d probably just hand over the cash.

Watch these two 7-Eleven cashiers mind their own business before a robber enters the store and brandishes a gun. 137 more words


Watch a Girl in a Bikini Take a Taser for Charity

Talk about pain in the ass!

Watch as this bikini-clad model (well she’s very pretty so I assume she’s a bikini model) take a taser from a police officer – one of them lands right on her butt. 142 more words


Watch a Time-Lapse of a LEGO Fenway Park Replica Being Built

Good thing they made this into a time-lapse video, because I don’t have all day here!

The folks at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center right here in Boston created this incredible replica of Fenway Park, built entirely with LEGO bricks, and documented the whole thing. 146 more words