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The Ohio State Marching Band's Incredible Tribute to Classic Rock is a MUST-See

You’ll never a better guitar-less Van Halen cover.

The marching band at Ohio State University has become known for its ridiculously complex choreography this season, in addition to honoring to some great music. 192 more words


Men in Rhode Island Really Need To Grow Up, According to This New Study

An interesting new study that attempts to rank the immaturity of men in all 50 U.S. states has come out, and while the New England states are mostly in the clear – Vermont is actually quite mature, apparently! 285 more words


Canucks Anthem Singer Straps on Skates, Immediately Face-Plants on the Ice [VIDEO]

This is why the Bruins don’t let Rene Rancourt wear skates.

Mark Donnelly, the charismatic Vancouver Canucks anthem singer known for having the crowd sing along to “O Canada”, decided to take things up YET ANOTHER notch at the team’s recent pre-season game. 160 more words


There's a "Singing Road" on Old Route 66 [VIDEO]

The town of Tijeras, New Mexico is trying a creative way to get people to stop speeding.

As part of National Geographic Channel’s “Crowd Control,” they created a road that plays music. 208 more words


Pink Floyd "Endless River" Teaser Clip Goes Online

The upcoming new Pink Floyd album The Endless River has been mostly an endless mystery, until this week.

After revealing the album cover and track list, the band now has an audio preview from the album streaming online. 206 more words


My First Time Hearing Jimi Hendrix: Like Nothing Before or Since

Being the youngest of 3 boys sharing one bedroom, my oldest brother had control of the stereo. He blasted rock and roll records out of this monstrosity with speakers the size of a refrigerator, and once told me “If you ever touch this, I’ll kill you.” 392 more words