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Roast beef is a perfect dish for light Sunday brunch or an early evening hosting. The fun thing about it, is that making it is not time consuming. 201 more words


Sunday Roast

Nothing compares to the taste and simplicity of a Sunday Roast. I love preparing this recipe because besides prepping the necessary ingredients, majority of the work is done in the oven, which gives the roast and vegetables all its flavors. 859 more words


Are You Thankful, or Just Full? (Thanksgiving Leftovers)

I was thinking about the adjective ending “–ful” and it really is my favorite one out there. The opposite adjective ending of -ful is “–less” and those little endings are actually super powerful in meaning. 348 more words


Spicy Slow Cooker Pot Roast

by Karen Frazier

I tend to cook fairly seasonally. In the spring, summer, and early fall, I go to the local farmers market to pick out beautiful locally grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs and then plan my meals based on whatever I bring home. 601 more words

Gluten Free


Although it was great fun to feed my Bookclub ladies, I also wanted to make sure my family sat down to a delicious dinner. Before I started preparing appetizers, I put a Pot Roast into the slow cooker, and just prior to my company arriving, I made the mushroom grits, enabling me to serve a warm and nourishing dinner to my husband and children. 385 more words


Perfect Pot Roast

I always thought I made a decent pot roast.

Throw a frozen chuck roast in a crock pot or enamel roaster pan, add an envelope of Lipton onion soup, onions, carrots, water…. 383 more words


Ask Dave: Gratitude and Slow Cooker-ing

I talk to a lot of people about food. Recipes, sources, new & old techniques, you get the idea. Lately a recurring theme is how many people don’t use or own a slow cooker. 315 more words

Ask Dave