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Italian Beef, Take 2

While I didn’t do much of anything different this go around, I feel like I should post an update. It is the same recipe as last time and what I’ve been making for years. 476 more words

Red wine- braised chuck roast with onions

This is a casserole that exudes love and will keep you heart- warm for at least five minutes after devoured. If you are ready to know the ingredients of this, keep on reading. 82 more words


Full Menu: Slow-Cooker Pot Roast and Ice Cream Delight

Pot Roast and Veggies, photo by JeffreyW

Chuck roasts were on sale this week, so of course I wanted pot roast. I love pot roast. Throwing the ingredients in the slow-cooker and coming home to a true comfort food dinner is just what this week needs.  436 more words


Smokey Roast Yay! Liver Nay!

As we all know, liver is insanely good for you and should be consumed regularly.  However, as we all also know, its texture and flavor can be, well, troublesome.   377 more words


Craving a Corned Beef Reuben Sammy!

So I kind of started getting a bug for a GOOD, New York deli-style sandwich.  My pops just made a traditional New England Boiled dinner last Sunday for he and my mom, so it made me decide on what I was going to make….Corned Beef Reuben! 566 more words

Breaking Down a Chuck Primal - From the Butcher's Block

This episode of From the Butcher’s Block puts a chuck primal and shop staff member Nick in the spotlight. With skill and rhythm, Nick continues walking hosts Michael and Jason through the portioning of the chuck section and how that translates to meals on your table. 17 more words

Butcher Shop

Yankee Pot Roast

If you were to look through any old New England cookbook from the last hundred years, you would most likely find a recipe for savory Yankee pot roast.   984 more words