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Tom Harkin ALSO Regrets Obamacare, calls it "Complex and Convoluted", among other slurs

Are the highest-ranking Democrat party leaders drinking truth syrum lately??

Tom Harkin, a lifelong mega-Liberal and major architect of Obama’s 2009 assault on American health care, recently joined Chuck Schumer (#3 in the Democrat Senate leadership) in openly repudiating the Affordable Care Act. 130 more words


'Your sins are forgiven’: Creepy photo of Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid earns captioning

A photo of Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid doing … something … is caption-worthy, and @NRO issued the call:

Caption Contest pic.twitter.com/2PgNhJ2aEI

— National Review (@NRO) …

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Could lower oil prices mean cheaper airline seats?

According to Senator Chuck Schumer, you’re paying too much for your airplane ticket home this holiday season.

The New York Democrat put out a statement… 383 more words


Congressional holiday memories

Despite partisan politics, ’tis the season on Capitol Hill. Holiday memories from the hallowed halls of Congress.

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Senator: Democrats united, GOP divided

Senator Chuck Schumer says the differences among Democrats are small compared to huge chasm among Republicans in Congress.

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"Why They Are Dead, Horribly Wrong": What Democrats Whine About When They Whine About ObamaCare

Democrats have reacted to crushing losses in November’s midterm elections in the usual manner: with a circular firing squad. And one of the targets has been the signature policy of the Obama administration, the Affordable Care Act. 1,442 more words


Looking Ahead: 2016 Senate Races

Before the 2014 Senate elections we were warned that the Democrats would have a difficult time keeping a majority in the Senate. The Democrats had 21 seats to defend; the Republicans had 14. 348 more words