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Risotto #2

I never thought I could make risotto but look at this, a blog post on how I made risotto!

  • Firstly gently fry some onions and once browned add in the mushrooms.
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I have literally no cooking knowlegde #learningtocook

I mean that statement isn’t totally true. I know how to make excellent beans on toast. I know roughly how to make a Shepard’s pie. However, I deem cooking knowledge and ‘know how’ as which garnish/sauce goes with which dish, how to do fancy frosting on a cake or how to cut vegetables super fast. 158 more words


Indian Cooking #1

Green Daal – Green lentils

First boil the lentils (daal), cover with lid if needed
water(3) : lentils(1)

Begin making the tharka (aka thurka) while the daal cooks… 142 more words


Capitalise the Moment

This week I’m not going to write a post due to extreme tiredness from trying out FitnessBlender. I found this from ViviannaDoesMakeup and I am so grateful because I get into moods of ‘must exercise’ therefore I can capitalise on the mood before it passes from sanity. 43 more words


Be Healthy Ya'll

Eat it

Eat it

Five times a day? YEA

Make a smoothie, juice, stir fly with lots of veg, boil that veg, steam it, roast it, eat it.

You know the drill..


Everyday Exercise for us Lazy Folk

I don’t know about you guys but I hate exercise. Quite frankly I should go plug this laptop in before it dies however that requires moving so I’m just gunna type super fast. 211 more words


Hula-hoop Review

Basically, I bought a fancy hula-hoop.
It’s got magnetic weighted balls stuck on the inside of the hoop so when you do it, it puts pressure on your stomach and back areas toning it all up. 340 more words