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Lurking in the Dark

I thank God for digital clocks. Not because they save me the hassle of dealing with the tricky hands and feet involved in analog clocks but because they save me from having to admit I need a nightlight (Wait, did I just…? 394 more words


Dolls and Dummies...the creepiest things on earth

At this moment, I’m watching a movie called “Dead Silence” (horror is my thing), and it occurred to me that evil scarecrows (is there any other kind), monsters, serial killers, werewolves and the rest of the likely forms of horror characters, there are none more creepy than the doll. 65 more words


Recently, my husband and I took our daughters up to the mountain for a day to a little tourist town that we love to hang out in. 1,080 more words

Things To Contemplate

Which 80's Slasher Makes The Best Wingman?

This is something I wrote for another site that never got published…enjoy!


Pictue it, it’s last call at whatever club or bar you dragged yourself to this Friday.  1,277 more words


‘Child’s Play’ Boasts a Certain Nostalgic Charm That Intoxicates (Review)

Written by: Matt Molgaard

Charles Lee Ray’s a nasty voodoo practicing serial killer who has absolutely zero issues with executing anyone in his path. But he’s got a problem, his identity has been discovered and law enforcement has him all but pinned down in a toy shop. 598 more words


Child's Play 2 (1990) Review

Plot – This film starts off with the good guy doll company remodeling the burnt good guy doll, which if you remember from the end of the first film is Chucky. 395 more words


Chucky's Back! Another 'Child's Play' Film is in the Works According to Don Mancini

Collider recently posted an interesting piece about the future of the ‘Child’s Play’ franchise. Per their article:

Mancini says he’s writing Chucky 7 and it continues “quite quickly on the last movie and Chucky bedevils character again.”

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