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Creature Feature: Chum Salmon

The Chum Salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) is not among the most desirable salmon in terms of human consumption, to the point that the euphemistic label of “Keta Salmon” is often used in supermarkets. 256 more words


Happy Friend

You are my daily playmate
My buddy and my chum
You only need to whistle
And on the run I’ll come

I am your true companion… 90 more words


Smelly Chum Anyone?

Have you ever tried to squeeze a small little favor out of “the system,” only to have fate puke it back up in your food trough? 547 more words


Misdirection (Part V)

Past the darkened hallway patterned in navy blue and hunter green wallpaper lay a great bar carved from what appeared to be solid oak. The bar was at least twelve feet tall and eight feet wide, and featured two mermaids with deadened eyes, also made of wood, holding up the entire structure using their hands and opposing force of their outstretched tails. 503 more words

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