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My First Post

Hello to the very few people reading this,
This blog is my own little spot on the internet where I can just be me. I haven’t told anyone I am doing this, and I hope to leave it this way because, it will be the one place where I can express myself fully. 117 more words


Leelah Alcorn's Death

Fair warning this may come off as more of a rant than a formulated entry but I needed to vent my feelings on this and I don’t want to deal with my own sexist/racist/homophobic/transphobic family on facebook. 286 more words


Air Race, Willie Whopper Cartoon, 1933

A vintage piece of celluloid from the Golden Age of Aviation. This cartoon has it all: racism, sexism, the boy hero, the hairy villain, and a hot girl (Earhart, sexy?). 45 more words

River Of January