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Ventral view of flower of Arachis hypogaea ... Chụp gần mặt dưới của hoa đậu Phộng, Lạc ...

Vietnamese named : Đậu phộng, đậu phụng, Lạc
English names : Peanut
Scientist name : Arachis hypogaea
Synonyms :
Family : Fabaceae / Papillionoides . Họ Đậu / họ phụ đậu Papillionoides… 19 more words


Texas Mission 2014 - The Road Home

The end of any mission trip is always a mixed blessing.  There is the sense of loss – we’re leaving our newly-discovered rhythms of life together, saying goodbye to people we’ve shared significant time and stories with, and thinking about what waits for us at home in terms of unfinished projects, unanswered mail, and general life.   433 more words


Texas Mission 2014 - Day Four

At some point in the history of the early church, there seemed to be some conflict caused by who might get credit for what in the grand scheme of things.   598 more words