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Right wing, fundamental Christian hypocrisy, choosing 'cheap grace', like North Pine Baptist Church.

Some right wing, conservative, fundamental Christians preach on about the rules and doctrine and how if you don’t follow the rules strictly, then judge you as failing as a Christian. 371 more words

Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Cheap Grace - by Michael Jenson.


The writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the German pastor and theologian who was executed by the Nazis for his part in a plot to kill Hitler, have spoken powerfully to the generations of readers who have come after him. 983 more words

No confidentiality clause = I can tell the truth publicly, all I like about Pastor Andrew Allinson

Too many people are being manipulated by liars and abusive people.

I won’t be apathetic about this, and not allow the truth to be exposed. 335 more words

A needed role, go around Churches - explain how to appropriately help abuse victims.

Having seen and heard and read of so much abuse that goes on within Christianity – as to how to deal with victims of abuse – I see a need for wise Christians, to go round as many churches as possible, to show them how to deal with it appropriately. 274 more words

It is so deeply wrong, when you have to seek legal advice, due to 'Christians'.

I am seeking further legal advice and I will ensure my family and I are protected.

And if I find out there is no legal re-course against me, for exposing the truth about abuse within a Church, I will be exposing it to every person I know connected within that church, and connected outside of that church. 75 more words

I am going to post all the documents regarding the abuse, from North Pine Baptist Church.

I am so over – people from that church, looking at me when they see me, like I am dirt. They have no real knowledge of what occurred, and yet they treat me like I am the problem. 453 more words