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The Church Can Fail You, But Jesus Christ Will Never Fail You

As I have been meditating today on the nature of the Church.  I have recently heard talk of the church being infallible, because the church is Jesus Christ and to be against the church is to be against Jesus. 1,112 more words

Childhood Sexual Abuse

Why We Aren't Looking for a New Church

Every once in a while I am asked, “Have you found a new church yet?”

To which I always respond, “No, we’re not looking.”

“But you need to be in a church!” 473 more words

Elders and Deacons, What Do You Do?

Elders and deacons also fulfill other “traditional” biblical roles and special responsibilities for the church in both structured and unstructured ways, including congregational care, teaching, prayer, church discipline, mediation, theologicial discernment, communion, baptisms and the offering. 816 more words

When Church Hurts

Burning Man and Christianity: Lessons in confession (or the lack of it)

Burning Man is currently going through a bit of a crisis.

The last couple years “Plug and Play Camps”, or what is now being called “Turnkey Camps”, began to come into focus in the event. 609 more words

Burning Religion


Has anyone else seen the parallels between Elsa and their own experience with spiritual abuse?

I first saw the movie just days after being tossed out of our church and I sat there in tears and in awe as I watched Elsa make the “mistake” of hurting her sister while she was using her incredible gift to create joy and delight. 371 more words

When Church Hurts